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The Face contest: “I don’t consider myself a black girl model”…Naomi: “WTF?!”

So one thing y’all should know – Ms. Naomi Campbell does not tek back her chat. The Jamaican-brit supermodel is outspoken as all hell, particularly on issues of race in the fashion industry. She has never hesitated to tell it like it is.

Which is why it probably was not a good idea for  Devyn Abdullah, a black contestant on her modelling show The Face, to declare that:

“I don’t really consider myself to be a black girl model. I mean, I know what my ethnicity is, but I’m fair-skinned and I feel like I have an international look.”

The stunning answer came in response to a question from guest judge Wendy Williams who asked her if it was hard to be a black girl model – a fair…sorry reasonable question since that is something that has been discussed ad nauseum in the black fashion community and in fact the wider fashion community, pressed and pushed by none other than Ms. Campbell along with other such luminaries as Bethann Hardison, Veronica Webb and Iman.

So needless to say Naomi was not amused, responding with a typically blunt “What the f**k does she mean?!”. Check out the exchange below.
















Our take? We fully agree with Naomi’s reaction. We have seen some commentary trying to let Devyn off the hook, saying ‘oh well maybe she’s mixed race’ or it didn’t come out well. Nonsense.

I have found that typically when mixed race people are confronted with a question and respond by saying “well I don’t consider myself black” they are quick to preface it with saying that they are mixed race and don’t want to deny one or the other.

Ms. Devyn just said “I’m fair skinned” and all I’m hearing is the typical shadeism that afflicts the black community so often where some (note, I said some!) light-skinned people seem to think their less dark skin or less kinky hair will help insulate them from the racism the rest of the race receives.

Hence her foolishness about “having an international look.” Chile, behave! I myself am about the same complexion as Naomi and my husband not much lighter, yet our daughter is the same complexion as this blithering twit. Because just about every black person in the West is mixed in with something so in one family, you can have people ranging the gamut of skin colours, hair textures and colours, eye colours etc.

If I ever my daughter with this cop-out, opt-out foolishness, my reaction would be the same as Naomi’s.

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