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Sanya Richards-Ross & family get reality show

We'll be watching! (Photo credit: We TV)

Go dehhh Sanya!

In a move that doesn’t shock us at all, at all here on Islandista, Jamaica-born gold medalist Sanya Richards-Ross is coming to the small screen in a new reality TV show on WeTV.

The show will cover Sanya’s life with her American football player husband Aaron Richards and how she balances her track career with her entirely family-run empire.

The show will formally introduce us to her various family members who we’ve often seen her shot out on Twitter- especially sis Shari who keeps Sanya’s hair on.point!

According to WeTV’s page for the show:

“Each hour-long episode of the docu-series follows the unstoppable Sanya Richards-Ross as she juggles appearances, runs a business, and balances life with Aaron and her family. Sanya is building an empire and the team behind her is made up completely of family – including mom, Sharon, acting as her agent; dad, Archie, who serves as her manager; sister, Shari, who is her business partner in The Hair Clinic, an Austin hair salon that Sanya funds and Shari runs; and, her cousin, Yolandae, who serves as both Sanya’s publicist and stylist.  Sanya moves at a fast pace, running circles around everyone in her path, and her family is nearly out of breath as they help her cross the perpetual finish line.”

Like we said – we’re not a bit surprised. Sanya has always shown a love for the limelight and has personality and styles for dayyyys! So a reality show was a logical next step, especially after WeTV’s Platinum Weddings captured her wedding day back in 2010. We’re looking forward to seeing how they balance two such demanding careers and of course, to seeing her showcase her islandista heritage in the show!

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