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Harsh reviews for Rihanna’s new River Island collection

Rihanna with co-designer Adam Selman at the close of her debut fashion collection for River Island. (Photo credit:

There were few who anticipated a fashion triumph, but, even allowing for the limited expectations, Rihanna’s collection for River Island as brought forth in London tonight was a horror show. The clothes were hideous and without an ounce of panache or style between them.

Wow… well tell us how you really feel! Daily Beast fashion writer Tom Skyes went in on Rihanna’s debut fashion collection which was shown at London Fashion Week over the weekend.

Sykes wrote like a man that was royally pissed off at what he saw before him – his rage undoubtedly not helped by having to wait more than hour for Rihanna to arrive for a nine-minute show.

His review which is making waves in the blogosphere, also called the collection “unsurprisingly slutty and yet tiresomely predictable” and likened it to “Fright Night in Kmart”!


Our take… well it was Riri-esque. It was slinky, 90s inspired (Riri even wore 90s appropriate dark lipstick – a trend return we predicted some time back) and yes… unsurprisingly slutty. There was even a full net outfit that reminded us hauntingly of a mesh merino from yaad – Junior Gong wha yu seh?!

There were some ok-ish moments – this  handkerchief-hemmed baby doll dress managed to bring present and past together nicely and was our favourite look.

Photo credit:

But overall, even though it was supposed to be inspired by Rihanna’s style, little of the collection felt as inspired as one of Rihanna’s regular street wear.

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