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Caribbean’s Next Top Model is here at last!!!

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It’s been a long, long time coming – nearly two years in fact, but finally the Caribbean edition of the Top Model franchise is set to air today in more than 25 countries across the region.

Host and producer is former Miss Universe, the iconic Wendy Fitzwilliam. In an interview with the Trinidad Express, she explained why the hotly-anticipated show had taken so long to get to air after it had originally been slated to appear in February 2012 – a full year ago.

Fitzwilliam reported that they had “several challenges with the production” both in principal photography and post production. She described the process, their first time out, as “Christopher Columbus rediscovering this part of the world”.

“We do not have another television series in the Caribbean that is Pan Caribbean (and) that will be aired simultaneously across the region. If we get this get this right, despite the many hiccups, a tonne of opportunities open for us,” she said.

The show features 23 contestants though it is distinctly Trini-heavy with 13 contestants from that country alone! I know from experience that  as Fitzwilliam said, organising true pan-Caribbean events or activities can be a challenge but 13 out of 23 contestants being Trini may present some problems in getting wide regional acceptance. You know how we stay insular already and I can’t imagine Jamaicans being too pleased that only two contestants are from yaad when JA has the region’s real top models.

But we shall see! We’re definitely excited to see it! Will you be tuning in?

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