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Rally Round the West Indies Women!

WI women's skipper Merissa Aguilleira being interviewed before their departure to India for the World Cup. (Photo credit: Philip Spooner/ West Indies Cricket)

The men may have been disappointing Down Under but our ladies have made us incredibly proud, making to the finals of the Women’s World Cup – something our men’s team has not done since 1983!

Captain Merissa Aguilleira says they want to bring the trophy home for the people of the West Indies. Speaking at a press conference yesterday, Aguilleira said:

“Every morning when I finish my prayers and look at the phone with all the messages and support … at the moment the Caribbean is in a total chaos concerning cricket. It would mean so much for them if we can bring home the trophy. It will mean everything to us. Cricket is the only thing that brings all the people of West Indies together. The more we go there and represent them the better it is for the people of the Caribbean.”

Read that and then read it again and then again. I will tell you, as a West Indies cricket fan, it warmed my heart to see that Nobody has really been checking for these chicks. Let’s face it, at the end of the day, cricket is not yet nearly at the level of tennis or track and field where women are major stars in their own right. Though I do think that if we can continue to bring the standard up, women’s cricket could eventually be a major draw in its own right as cricket relies a large part on skills which the women have in abundance and is not an out-and-out strength sport like boxing or basketball where men will always dominate.

But back to my point-  the West Indies ladies were not expected to go so far – the women’s game has typically been dominated by England, Australia and South Africa. For us to be in the finals is an amazing achievement and underscores how much heart these girls have.

So tomorrow morning, I will dig myself out of my bed early o’clock to watch the ladies take on Australia in the finals. They deserve nothing less.

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