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We’re loving it…Sobeit’s 2013 Carnival presentation

  Islandistas, you know we have been having the debate about art vs. sexiness in mas for yeaaaars now. For many of us who love the true artistry of mas but still want to be sexy it has been a real dilemma and it has only gotten more challenging over the years because sometimes the band leaders ain’t even trying to depict any kinda theme at all. They may as well just call de sections red, blue, pink and be done!

So this is why we’re in love with a new band on the Carnival 2013 scene – Sobeit (Something Overwhelming Becomes Evident In Time) which has presented the stunning Aqua 70/30 for their debut on the road.

Even though the band is new, it is made up of familiar faces like bandleader Maurice Chevalier, formerly event co-ordinator and PR for Brian MacFarlane. The team includes a number of former MacFarlane and Minshall collaborators.

The Minshall/MacFarlane connection certainly explains the vibe of the band – it’s dramatic and it’s actually artistic and trying to depict something.

But on top of everything, these costumes are actually sexy as well as beautiful. If you want to show some skin, you can do so. As Chevalier put it:

““There will be room for all kinds of masqueraders: those who love less costume and more freedom; those who want to be creative but sexy; and those who want to play mas and disappear into a character…A band should provide an arena for everyone to enjoy themselves.”

Creative director Kirk Langton explained further:

“We are looking to change the mas. Each year while young new masqueraders come in and they are drawn in the usual concept  which mas has become over the years, at the same time there are people who want a little bit more than that. So this is why we want to go back to the concept of good designs and comfortable costumes; not cumbersome. We need to get back to the elements of good design. A design should not make the designer or the decorator a star; it’s for masquerades to play mas and enjoy themselves.”

See me? I endorse dis. Everything he said!

The costumes have a bit of something for everyone. There are sexy, skin-baring ones like Fire Coral above and the sensational Turbulence below and then there are full-cover costumes like Guardians of the Deep.

Crucially, these costumes don’t all break the bank, with costumes starting at $2500TT (USD$390). The two costumes here come in at about USD$563 max – and you can actually see what you are getting for your money in terms of home-grown craftsmanship and not made-in-China-or-Brazil mass production. (Did you see what I did there? 😉

That is a damn steal with the way Carnival on the whole has been going in Trinidad over the last decade or so. Read what de fellas over at Wining Kriminals had to say about the prices of Carnival last year.  Even with Saucy’s Fete Budget Planner over at Trinidad Carnival Diary, Carnival is still a pretty penny!

So we are loving what Sobeit represents – kudos to them!

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