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Behind the scenes with Islandista magazine

Our Carnival makeup beauty spread, featuring the work of Lauren Austin of Enchanted Beauty by Lauren Austin!

So as you may know, we took Islandista from online to print in December, bringing out our very first magazine – Islandista Barbados!

It was an exhausting but super exciting experience – for me it was really the culmination of a long-held dream to become a magazine publisher and also thrilling to see Islandista out there in print reaching a whole new set of people.

You can definitely look forward to more Islandista editions in other countries in the coming years – we’re turning this into an EMPIRE ladies!

Since you have been our loyal fans from the very start (from the old days of, we want to give you an extra peek into the process and take you behind the scenes and into our vision for the magazine. Read on to see which Carnival 2013 costumes inspired our beauty editorial.

Our Carnival Bedazzled spread featured the incredible talent of Trinidadian makeup artist Lauren Austin, the owner and principal artist of Enchanted Beauty by Lauren Austin.

The photo shoot was inspired by some of the most gorgeous costumes coming out of Trinidad Carnival this year.

The vibrant colours of Joy from Island People’s 2013 presentation Rehumanize was the basis for this look.

The pink and purple hues of the costume are recreated in this makeup look with Lauren using the hand-drawn butterfly to pull the eyes up to the dramatic headpiece.

Black can be tricky for a Carnival costume and designers often go for a simple black and white or black and silver but Fantasy Trinidad punched up their black costume Panthera (from the presentation Savage) with bursts of turquoise, creating one of the best spins we’ve seen on a black costume in a long while. Lauren more than did it justice with her makeup look, seen below.

Lauren went straight for the highlights of the costume with feather eyelashes and geometric artwork around the eyes that echoed the structure of the headpiece.

The other inspiration for our makeup editorial came from Bliss, which like Fantasy, also went for the savage imagery (definitely a theme for Carnival 2013 ent? Shout out to Bunji.) in their presentation Savage Beauty.  We couldn’t resist their Queen Cobra costume – wing-like arm-pieces? Yessssss! Long-time readers know how wing pieces on a costume just make us weak!  So this costume had to be one of our picks for the spread – we want it!

The hand-drawn designs here call to mind both the wing-like arm-pieces and the unusual headpiece which is flared like a cobra about to strike. Fab!


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As an islandista I live, embody, exude the spirit of the Caribbean islands.

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