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Shala Monroque covers Town & Country!

A friend sidled by and mentioned “You see your girl is on the cover of Town and Country?”

Run we did to the computer and indeed there she was – St. Lucia’s own Shala Monroque.

The cover – eh. It did her no favours, as commenters over at the Fashion Bomb Daily noted.

The fact that she is on the cover has the fashion blogosphere all a-twitter, much as it was when she covered New York Magazine in the summer.

Besides the usual side-sniping about her only being in the public eye because of her relationship with Larry Gagosian (as if a rich boyfriend can buy Shala’s sense of style and talent), there is an interesting twist in a Daily Beast piece written by Allison Samuels.

Samuels quoted one “editor of a major black lifestyle magazine” who snipped:

“I’m not familiar with her at all. She’s pretty much put herself in white arenas and in the white world. She’s not living in the black world, from what I can tell. Until that happens, as great as it is that she’s getting attention—I’m just not sure if she’ll have an impact in the black community at all.’’

Despite our September interview with her, I don’t know Shala well enough at all to speak for her on this. I will say though that in her writing, she has always strongly identified with her Caribbean heritage.

That has carried over to her work with Garage like this piece Jewels in the Sun and her gorgeous editorial with Vogue Nippon (Japan) which was shot in St. Lucia.

So thanks very much, she is having an impact in our black world… because you know, there are other black communities in the world besides African Americans. *suck teeth*

Anyhoooo, the article itself in Town and Country is a fascinating look into Shala’s life pre-New York. It touches on some very emotional issues like her mother’s abuse at the hands of her father, without really delving into them. It just mentioned it and moved on.

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