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‘I Am An Islandista’ featuring Nikeisha Boothe & Kimberley Lue Lim of ‘I Love JA’

Yayyy! We’re super excited about this interview.

They love JA - Kimberley Lue Lim (left) and Nikeisha Boothe of the I Love JA line out for Fashion's Night Out in Kingston.
We featured their hot, boasy, islandista-ful tees last week and now here they are – the islandistas behind the ‘I Love JA’ line – Kimberley Lue Lim and Nikeisha Boothe.

One thing comes across clearly from these two 20-something islandistas – they really do love Jamaica – a deep pride of country is evident in their answers – read on, you’ll see!


Islandista: …are the I Love JA ladies?

Kimberley Lue Lim: Nikeisha Boothe & Kimberley Lue Lim – two long time friends with a mutual passion for Jamaica and all its colourful nuances.

Nikeisha Boothe: KimberleyLue Lim and Nikeisha Boothe. Two ladies bonded by what feels like a lifetime of friendship and super-glued by our love filled vision: ‘I Love JA’.

Is: …Has most influenced what you’re doing now?

KLL: From the woman selling phonecards on the roadside to Robert Nesta Marley, there are so many people that have influenced us in some way through our creative journey. But most of all, I think we (Nik & I) influence each other quite a bit. I think the fact that our ideas tend to be so in sync, constantly reinforces the feeling that we’re on the right track.

NB: It’s less who and more what. I have always had a noticeably unusual love for clothing and way of pairing them together. I’m not sure where it came from, but I loved the way it could help transform the way you felt. Marrying that with my love for country sparked what I am doing now.


Is:…Is an islandista to you?

KLL: An Islandista to me, is a spunky, ambitious and proud cultural ambassador from the Caribbean.

NB: Someone who can unmistakably be pointed out as Caribbean regardless of where they are in the world. Someone who visually exudes what I believe the islands represent: vibrant, strong, smart, resilient, creative, warm, with a distinct fashion sense and a penchant for laughing. But more importantly, someone who has a deep obnoxious love for their island.

Is: …Do you love most about your island?

KLL: Jamaica is one of the most beautiful places I have seen in my lifetime, but what makes me love being home the most is the source of our irresistible cuisine, enchanting music, and the colourful personalities of my friends and family: our culture. I absolutely love our one-of-a-kind culture.

NB: Hmmm… this is a tough one. I will sound very cliché, but I love the music, I find the people extremely interesting and after living in the ‘flat land’ of Florida, I have come to appreciate the Jamaican scenery sooo much more. I think what I may love most and am most proud about though, is the way we are exceptional at everything we do and how we excel wherever we go. Just thinking that such a small negligible speck on the world map can do such extraordinary things and make such an impressionable mark is enough to make me feel like anything is possible.


Is: …Do you see yourself in five years? In ten years?

KLL: In 5 years, I see myself doing just this: working too hard and trying to take things to the next level. And in 10 years, I at least know that my role should involve helping other young entrepreneurs on the rise to do the same.

NB: I wish I could sound forward thinking enough to articulate a solid plan for my future. But, my mind changes so often that I am not even sure I could tell you where I see myself next year. What I know for sure though, is that I hope to be happy, healthy and among family and great friends.

Is: …Is your happy place?

KLL: Hmm, I guess it varies. It’s wherever I decide it to be… “I think, therefore I am.”

NB: My happy place is mood dependent. It could be at home, eating in bed, while watching TV. It could be out dancing to some blaring music. Or simply, with the people I love – – when I’m with them, just about anywhere is my ‘happy place.’

Is: …Do you call home?

KLL: Jamdown!

NB: Kingston, Jamaica


Is: …You worry, what do you worry about?

KLL: I worry the most about the life my kids are going to live. The way things are changing so fast, so soon, and with the growing obsession with ‘cyber living’, sometimes I just wonder if generations to come will even have a glimpse of real life – life in the good ol’ days when it was so much more simple. Scary stuff!

NB: I am a professional worrier – my list is too expansive to list here. But I’m working on it!

Is: …Are you happiest?

KLL: When I’m somewhere away from all the chaos, kicking back with good friends, family and great tunes.

NB: When love and life are going great!


Is: …Do you love what you do?

KLL: I love what I do because it feels so natural. It’s so much easier when you’re motivated by passion.

NB:I love the idea of doing my little part to spread JA pride to every part of the world …in style.


Is: …Would you like to be remembered?

KLL: As someone who truly appreciated life….took it all in, digested it and gave back more than they started out with.

NB: As the perfect contradiction! Playful but smart. Talented but humble. Unassuming but fierce. Little but ‘tallawah.’ And a walking billboard for love – I want to be remembered as someone who loved deeply; was committed to the people I love; and always helped people to see the best and the beauty in themselves.

Is:…Do you unwind?

KLL: I just find my way to being in the company of my close friends… everything after that is automatic.

NB:Watching a whole lot of nonsense on TV, attempting games night with friends, rattling my brain over crossword puzzles, reading magazines and other simple pleasures… I could go on.


By Me

island ~ ista
From Latin -ista via Portuguese -ista
one who follows a principle; an adept.

As an islandista I live, embody, exude the spirit of the Caribbean islands.

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