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We love it – ESP jr. clothing line

We want!

Ok, so confession time.

Ever since I gave birth to my own wonderful, awesome, hugely entertaining (babies are unwittingly hee-lar-i-ous! Who knew?) little islandista, I have been absolutely dotish about baby stuff.

Forget about the military industrial complex – I am here to tell you that the baby industrial complex is real and powered by bazodee first time mothers like myself who cannot pass anything cutesy.

I won’t go into the gory details and why I’m now on Amazon’s list for ‘Baby Bargain Mondays’ (smh) but new parents and even not so new parents can relate.

I buy utter foolishness just for the entertainment value of how it will look on my little plum (cos she’s sweet and round like one).

I am especially prone to anything that underscores her mini islandista status – which is why I bought a teensy little dress with a madras print skirt – a nod to her part-Looshan heritage. She’s too small for it this year but she’s going to be a hit  for Jounen Kweyol in 2012 I tell you!

So…damndamndamn the creative genius of Trini islandista Jeunanne Alkins for coming up with an insanely cute, Caribbean kiddie clothing line – ESP Jr.

The cuteness...mi weak

Look at those onesies. I am powerless to resist their cuteness – hot pink, lime green and orange turtles?! With ‘Mini Trini’ and ‘Tobago Love’?!

I. Want. One!

And my daughter doesn’t even have any Trini heritage. And the line, which launched two weeks ago, is only available in Trinidad right now. However, Jeunanne has ambitious plans to expand up the island chain, with branded cutesy stuff that is specific to each island.

We can’t wait!

By Me

island ~ ista
From Latin -ista via Portuguese -ista
one who follows a principle; an adept.

As an islandista I live, embody, exude the spirit of the Caribbean islands.

3 replies on “We love it – ESP jr. clothing line”

The wee islandista has plenty, plenty Trini heritage. All but 2 of the mother’s mother’s fathe’s brother’s children are Trinis.

Plenty Trini for sure.

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