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Mmmright…’Model’ claims Selita Ebanks hit her

From the ‘mmmmrighhhht’ files – a Miami based ‘model’ and casting director by the name of Liza Irizarry is claiming that islandista supermodel Selita Ebanks punched her at a club in MIA last weekend.

And supposedly, it was over Selita’s recently revealed boyfriend, Terrence J, host of BET’s 106 and Park.

Via YBF, here’s Irizarry’s version:

Liza tells that while arriving at Miami’s DREAM Nightclub in Miami around 5am this past Sunday morning, she crossed paths with her old friend Terrence J whom she never dated, but has known through the industry for years.  As he was exiting the club, Liza, who was arriving, says she simply told him “Hello,” and gave him the usual friendly kiss-on-the-cheek greeting.

That’s when the ish went left.  According to Liza, Selita, who was standing behind Terrence, yelled out “Don’t be kissing on my man!” and instantly swung her fist at Liza’s face.  Liza says Selita’s girlfriends who were with her also got in on the fight, throwing several slaps and punches at Liza’s face and body.  She says she got jumped by multiple girls all at once…and it all happened quickly.

A male friend of Liza’s girlfriend broke it up, along with a bouncer, and escorted her and her bloody nose to the bathroom.

Really now?

Irizarry sent out the info to more than one popular black blog, including YBF and Bossip, along with photos of herself before and after the alleged fight and of course, photos of her ‘modelling work’ – just because… you know…they were relevant to the case…because…ok, we don’t know why the ‘modelling’ shots were relevant either.

And that’s not the only thing that sounds funny to us about this.

Like Selita’s supposed battle cry: “don’t be kissing on my man!”

Be kissing on“? I know Selita’s lived in the States for a while but I also don’t know any West Indians who use that phrasing – it’s very African-American and Selita’s Caymanian.

Not to mention, to reinforce her story, Irizarry sent screenshots of Blackberry messages she supposedly sent to Terrence afterwards, berating him and Selita for the incident.

She said he didn’t respond.

Of course, followers of his Twitter feed have pointed out that he uses an iPhone (though in this interview earlier this year he still had a BB but was contemplating getting rid of it.)

Also, the club where the fight allegedly went down says they are unaware of it. And of course, Selita’s management denies the story entirely, as expected.

This story is a just a little too off for us. Ms. Irizarry let it be known that she’s filed a police report. So let’s see if the police believe her story enough to press charges.

Until then, this will stay right where it’s been filed – under M for ‘mmmmmright!’

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One reply on “Mmmright…’Model’ claims Selita Ebanks hit her”

For your information Liza never sent those sites her modeling pics and she did file a police report. Get your facts right before you state or assume shit on your wack ass site!

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