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Lest we forget …

It’s been six months since the horrific events of January 12th.

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It has been slow going. Only two per cent of the pledges made in March, when the memories were still fresh, have been fulfilled.

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Shamefully (but sadly not unexpectedly) CARICOM is not amongst those donor countries that have fulfilled their pledge promises. Not a penny of the $8,097,166 promised has been paid out as yet, according to, the official site tracking the reconstruction efforts.

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So, don’t forget.

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Don’t forget that miles of roads are still blocked with rubble.

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Don’t forget that 1.5 million people are still homeless.

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But also, don’t forget that Haitians are some of the strongest people on the planet.

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And if any people can survive such a horrific event, it is the Western world’s first black republic.

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Ayiti leve. Ayiti kanpe.
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By Me

island ~ ista
From Latin -ista via Portuguese -ista
one who follows a principle; an adept.

As an islandista I live, embody, exude the spirit of the Caribbean islands.

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