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Rally round the West Indies … women!

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Soooo… once again, the West Indies men’s cricket team has disappointed us with their lack of heart, effort or discipline in the World Twenty20.

It’s not so much that they lost to Australia – the Aussies have been like frigging Terminators in this series – machines covered in human skin and focused on one mission only. But it is how they lost that is hurtful. There was a limpness, a visible lack of interest or effort, that just compounded the defeat for Windies supporters.

Gayle apologised to fans, saying:

“There are no excuses and I apologise to the fans for our display in this World Cup but we have to hold our heads high.”

Really? You have to hold your heads high? Why again?

Big. Dutty. Suck. Teet.

Let’s focus on a team that can and should really hold its head high. The ones who fight on the field to win games, with amazing feats to outshine even those of the men and who defeated the defending champions England.

Let’s talk about Deandra Dottin, Stafanie Taylor and the rest of the West Indies women’s team, led by Merissa Aguilleira.

Unlike the men, they play with just about zero glory and attention – though Deandra Dottin’s staggering 38-ball century in the opening match against South Africa turned heads. In fact, it more than turned heads – she just about gave folks whiplash in scoring the fastest international T20 century. Ever. Man or woman.

Unlike the men, they don’t throw tantrums before every tour to demand more money for mediocre performances. Their pay is minimal and they play for the glory and for the chance to bring more attention to the women’s game.

They are in the semi-finals of the Women’s World Twenty20 which has been playing alongside and in the shadows of the men’s games.

Stafanie Taylor asked today for the fans to support them in their game against New Zealand on Friday, saying:

“We would love the people of the West Indies and, in particular, St Lucia, to come out and support us on Friday. We need the support and I can promise that we will give everything we have in an effort to get to the final. We want persons to come along in big, big numbers and bring their cheers just as they would for the guys. We will be spurred on by persons shouting and cheering us along the way. It will make a big difference and would mean a lot to all of us.”

“I think people will be surprised by how good women’s cricket is these days. We train hard, we play hard and there is a lot of talent in the West Indies.”

These girls deserve our support. And unlike the men, they have heeded the tournament call and they did indeed ‘bring it’. So let’s back them.

Islandista is rallying round the West Indies Women!

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