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Sanya Richards weds college sweetheart

Photo credit: Ben Sklar/New York Times

Islandista Sanya Richards married her college sweetheart, NY Giants football player Aaron Ross last Friday in Austin, Texas, where they first met at the University of Texas.

Being a real-real power couple (her, Olympic gold medallist, US record holder and World Champion, him Super Bowl winner), their wedding was featured in the New York Times’ Vows section and was also on Entertainment Tonight and is also set to be featured in WEtv’s Platinum Weddings, as we told you in an earlier post.

Photo credit: Ben Sklar/New York Times

When yuh big, yuh large!

The NYT write-up was really cute with Ross talking about his excitement when he finally got to talk to Sanya, after eyeing her for a while.

“I was playing it real cool while she was talking to me but deep inside, I was like ‘Yes! Yes!’ “


Sanya and Aaron are now on their honeymoon – heading to Dubai, according to her tweets, where she also posted a pic of them at their rehearsal dinner.


Oh… and for anyone who’s wondering, Sanya has let everyone know that she is “Sanya Ross” but will run as Sanya Richards-Ross … which has a nice ring to it we think.

Congrats to our fellow islandista!

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