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Islandista music notes – new Livvi Franc vid & Shontelle’s princely pay-day

We’ve got news for you on two of the Barbadian islandista singers who have followed in Rihanna’s wake over the last two years – Livvi Franc and Shontelle.

First let’s start with Livvi Franc who brought out the video for her new single Automatik, just last week. Check it out below and then our take on it…

For some reason, we were shocked to realise that this is just Livvi’s second single of her still upcoming debut album. It just feels like she has been around for a while – she was signed to Jive Records as far back as October 2007, after all.

But it may well be a good thing that Jive is taking their time to cultivate her sound and it shows in the song which is really nice and catchy. The chorus in particular is sticking in our heads and it has a dance-pop beat to it that should do especially well in Europe and maybe even farther afield. The video is nothing to shout about conceptually – it’s clubbish – beautiful people dancing in a club. More could probably have been done with it especially since the theme Automatik allows one to play around with all kinds of fun and futuristic concepts like machines and robots. Oh well …

Now in some serious money-making news, Shontelle is in for a very big pay day as young Prince Azim of Brunei is flying her in to perform at a private party for him this weekend self for US$ 200, 000!

Get. In. DEY Shon! Get yuh money girl!

Even Shontelle herself seemed a little bit bemused by it all, telling Women’s Wear Daily at a NYFW show on Monday:

“They’re paying us $200,000 just to be there. It’s a pretty major situation. I think it’s all oil money.”

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one who follows a principle; an adept.

As an islandista I live, embody, exude the spirit of the Caribbean islands.

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