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Rachel Christie speaks out: ‘So ashamed’

Two months after her nightclub brawl with Miss Manchester, Sara Jones over a man ended former Miss England Rachel Christie’s reign, she is speaking out with her side of the story.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Rachel, who will find out on January 11th whether she will be charged or not, does not seem to deny that she gave Miss Manchester a beat down but claims the two of them had beef which Sara started.

She says that it all started when she met the man in the centre of the brouhaha, reality tv contest, David ‘Tornado’ Mcintosh, at an event in August, where Sara was as well.

Rachel claims she “didn’t know they were together” and that soon after David started “messaging and phoning” and she agreed to go out with him.

That was when everything kicked off, she told the Mail.

“‘A group of us went back to his place, where I’d left my things while we went out, and all my stuff had been thrown about the place.

‘The word “Slag” was written on the wall in my lipstick. My car keys had been hidden, my possessions trashed. It was horrible.

‘David knew straight away that it was her. He called her and he called the police, but he didn’t press charges. That was the first I knew about their history. Obviously she liked him more than he liked her.

‘But then I started getting creepy texts from her, saying things like she’d seen me outside David’s house. I think it was jealousy.

All of that led to the fateful night at the club where the two of them got into it. Of that night, Rachel says:

“‘When I saw her that night in the club, I tried to keep my distance. But she came over and took my glass from in front of me. It was threatening behaviour. It was just a commotion after that.

‘I didn’t think it was anything as major as it’s become.”

Rachel also added that she thought it was ‘spiteful’ of Sara to go to the police.

Well, yes dear. Based on the history you say y’all had, it would seem that she was indeed spiteful and that you fell right into her trap.

What with her turbulent family history – her father Russell was a drug dealer who was shot to death when she was eight, she is mortified that people will be saying ‘well what do you expect’.

”I’d hate to think that people will think, “like father like daughter,”‘ she said.

‘I couldn’t face my family after I was arrested. I stayed in Manchester for two weeks. I was so ashamed.

‘It is hard but I have to come back from this. There must be something I can do to make my family proud again.”

We hope so…


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