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Alexandra Burke in fabulous new spread

Photo credit: Dan Smith/News of the World

One of our favourite British islandistas, singer Alexandra Burke is looking absolutely fabulous in Britain’s News of the World.

The glamourous shoot is surprisingly classy for NOTW, which is your typical brash British celeb tabloid magazine – and we love the look – very Russian princess with dramatic white dresses, diamonds and even wolves!

An extensive interview accompanied the spread, where Alex spoke at length about growing up as the little woman of the house when her mother, Soul II Soul lead singer Melissa Bell was on tour.

“At 12 I was like an adult. I’d take my brothers to school and me and Sheniece would do their homework with them. My grandad would cook but we’d do everything else.

“I now think Mum was amazing because she worked her bum off for us. It was hard on our birthdays when Mum wasn’t with us. But she’d send us love and money and we just had to get on with it.

“I learnt from a young age that you just have to accept the cards you’re dealt and try to make the best of it. I had a wild side, but I was sensible because I had to be.”

Photo credit: Dan Smith/News of the World

She was also refreshingly candid about her enthusiasm for freebies, freely admitting that by celeb standards she is still skint.

“Kate Moss told me not to accept everything. But I haven’t taken her advice. When it comes to freebies, I’m the girl who can’t say no!”

But the freebie affinity is for a good reason – Alex is saving for a house of her own.

“I’m on a tight budget, I want to buy a house in the country next year because London is too expensive – and I want to buy a car, so I’m saving. That’s why I didn’t listen to Kate and I love my freebies so much. I even got a free Mini Cooper this year. How mental is that?”

Alex, whose shape is a very West Indian size 10, also spoke about body image and what it means in her business.

“I don’t think I’ve got the perfect body because I’ve got a big bum and big thighs, but I think men like a bit of meat and all that nonsense of being super-skinny is so over.

“Give us girls a break – we’re meant to have curves, not bones. When I shot my latest video I insisted on having girls in it who were plus-sized, mixed in with models. I wanted women of all sizes and all different colours because I don’t want young girls watching my videos and thinking you have to look a certain way to be hot.”

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One reply on “Alexandra Burke in fabulous new spread”

wow alexandra is the best i love all of your songs….love them
love from alicia-jane all the…:)

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