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Anya Ayoung-Chee sex tape leaked

From the ‘daaammmmmmn!’ files – a sex video or rather videos (it’s about up to part 7 or so now) apparently featuring Miss Trinidad & Tobago Universe 2008, Anya Ayoung-Chee and her reputed boyfriend, photographer Wyatt Gallery, has been leaked.

Some of the parts also apparently feature them getting busy with Miss Japan Universe 2008, Hiroko Mima, in some threesome action.


It seems that Anya has gone underground – the Trinidad Express felt the need to point out that she was “not on hand” to hand over the crown to Miss Trinidad & Tobago 2009, Latoya Woods last week at the 2009 edition of the pageant.

You know what? We here at Islandista are no prudes. Whenever one of these sex vids pop up, the first thing the self-righteous and sanctimonious (who got the same video pon de replay non-stop) like to say is ‘oh, she (always she eh? men does get off scott-free) ent had no right to do something so because dem videos does always get out. Is she fault for being foolish and hence I have the right to rewind and rewatch it constantly and stand in judgement.

Well, they don’t say that last part cos who the hell admits they’re a hypocrite? But you get our drift.

Look, adults have sex. And at 28, Anya is more than old enough to have sex with two other consenting adults and to push the envelope and get freaky if she wants to.

For our part, we’re not going to judge her for that. Sex happens. Sex videos do, too.

So keep your chin up, Anya.


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6 replies on “Anya Ayoung-Chee sex tape leaked”

It’s my understanding that the video has 13 parts and that Wyatt is suing folk like crazy to suppress it. Did someone steal it off his laptop or blackberry? I’ve heard both versions. I’ve also heard that some of the videos include a 4-some with another man.

I agree with your assessment & truly hope all this blows over for Anya. In this day and age where television cameras are coming into people’s bedrooms, I expect that more and more of these will leak out. Get over it people! LOL

Nice article. I just watched the Miss Universe tapes (all three of them) and it definitely doesn’t look like Miss Japan but the other lady is definitely Miss Trindad.

yeah WHO CARE ABOUT THE SEX VIDEO/ OR VIDEO. sex is sex private or bold don’t blame miss trindad or miss japan per say. blame the idiot moronic boyfriend of her, who’s dumb enough to go to pc repair shop without taking out the private pic or video in their computer. pc repair tech will go through your file and check everything in the pc if there’s a problem. idiot boyfriend that’s all i can say

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