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Alicia John-Powell facing down cancer

Alicia John Powell
Photo credit: Trinidad Guardian

We spent quite some time mulling over the headline for this post.

We really wanted to get across how we feel about how ‘Ms. Basia’ , tv host and magazine publisher Alicia John-Powell has dealt with her breast cancer diagnosis and battle – with fierceness and grace and can-do spirit.

This is the way I choose to do my fight and anyone who wants to join me is free to do so,” she told the Trinidad Guardian about her all guns blazing approach to the disease.

John-Powell, who is the wife of former WI cricketer Ricardo Powell, found out she had breast cancer earlier this year, on a family trip to Disney Land.

Since then, she has undegone chemo and a bilateral mastectomy (removing tissue from both breasts – done for patients considered to have a high risk of reoccurence).

She has also used her high profile and media outlets to push a message of hope for others with cancer.

Her mastectomy is set to be shown on the Basia TV show at a later date. She explained to the Guardian that she wanted to demystify the disease and educate people.

“I had sad moments, I cried, I had different people hold my hand at different stages. I want to expose things people don’t tell you about, like the early menopause. I know I will save lives and people will discover lumps and go to the doctor.”

She has also formed the Basia Support Network, which was launched last Monday in Trinidad. The theme of the network is ‘Maintaining Happiness’  and the network will seek to do that for cancer patients and survivors, through a  different means, including medical sponsorship, therapeutic yoga, inspirational lectures and diet consultations.


John-Powell (left) and Marcia Miranda at the launch of the Basia Survivor Network. (Photo credit: Newsday)


John-Powell explained the thinking behind the theme at the launch:

“I am living proof that it’s not always that bad, with support and love you can win the battle and that is what the network is about.”

We at Islandista say ‘fight on!’


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8 replies on “Alicia John-Powell facing down cancer”

I just love Alicia’s fighting spirit against this disease and her desire to educate people. May God continue to give you the strength to go on! Blessings!

I am a cancer survivor and is schedule to start chemo soon. I am inspired by your stength and hope that you continue the good work to help others in their struggle against this deadly disease.

Miss Basia has a resilient spirit; while some may react by curling up and waiting, she has drawn guns! This can make the difference! We love you and admire you, Alicia and I know you will share your fun and life-loving spirit with many mothers, sisters and wives who’s lives have been momentarily interrupted by CA.

Alicia tapes the Basia show at C, where I used to work. She’s a lovely bubbly person. A bit too loud sometimes, but cancer needs a face like her. A strong positive woman who could put it in its place.

She’ll do well, this is merely a speed-bump on her path to success.

I am in the middle of my chemo treatment done three have three more to do. I am interesting in joining your cancer survivor group need info, please advise.

I absolutely adore you,your show,and your tremendous fighting spirit.Keep up the good work Alicia.You are an inspiration to millions. You are always in my prayers.

Im a survivor and would like to join your group to help in anyway that i can. please reply because im serious about helping others

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