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UK music tidbits – Leona, Alexandra and Keisha

All kinds of things going on with our UK islandistas this week.

First, the follow-up to the shocking attack on Leona Lewis – apparently the attacker, 29 year old Peter Kowalczyk, was a bitter X-Factor reject.

His father told UK tabloid the Sun:

“He wants to be a singer. He went along and queued at X Factor. How far he got with it? Nowhere.”

Apparently Kowalczyk waited FIVE HOURS in line at the book signing just so he could get at Leona.

Who is of course now terrified. The Sun quotes a source as saying she is terrified to go out, thinking the  next crazy attacker could have something more deadly than a fist.

In happier news, fellow X-factor winner Alexandra Burke is heading for number one with her first post- X-factor song – Bad Boys.

And she’s beating Brit pop legend Robbie Williams handily in the race for number one too.

She has sold 89,384 copies so far as compared to 42,751 for Robbie’s Bodies and her tune is number one on itunes.

Oh, and the tune is the fastest selling song for 2009 too.

Cos that’s how we islandistas do it. Get um Alex!

And in more islandista news, Keisha Buchanan may well have the last laugh in the Sugababes war of 09.

She is in hot demand for collaborations and is already back in the studio, with Ne-Yo apparently on the list of would-be collaborators.

Meanwhile, Amelle Berabah, whose dramatic disappearance that wasn’t, was the spur that forced Keisha out of the group she founded, has entered a clinic, suffering from severe nervous exhaustion.

Poor thing, apparently the stress of backraising Keisha and getting her own way in forcing her out, has been very ‘traumatic’.

Hmm. Karma is a bee-atch.

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island ~ ista
From Latin -ista via Portuguese -ista
one who follows a principle; an adept.

As an islandista I live, embody, exude the spirit of the Caribbean islands.

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