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Alexandra Burke in mum v. daughter row?

Marie Claire- Alex BurkeAwoah!

Fame ent always sweet.

Just ask Alexandra Burke.

The islandista winner of Britain’s X-Factor is the cover girl in this month’s issue of British Marie Claire. It’s a major coup and she looks stunning, as the pics below show.

Photo credit: Marie Claire
Photo credit: Marie Claire

But she has also revealed that her new found fame (and there ain’t no fame like British fame – the tabloids there are cra-zee) has taken a major toll on her family.

Marie Claire- Alex Burke2

One, it has caused some tension or rather renewed tension (she left home at 16) between her and her mum Melissa Bell, former lead singer of Soul II Soul.

According to Alexandra:

“She had Soul II Soul but it didn’t last as long as she wanted it to last.

‘Then I get this big new show, I win it, and it’s weird for her to see this.

‘Although she’s proud, it’s like she wants to rewind time to when she was younger, when she didn’t have kids. 

‘I’ve never talked about this by the way. We’re not a perfect family. Things p*** me off.’


Mumma Melissa ent tekking dat. She struck back today, saying that Alex isn’t even a success yet and explaining why Alex had to leave home when she was 16.

She told the Sunday Mirror:

“It’s all very upsetting. And she’s not even a success herself yet. I hope she is, but we don’t even know how her follow-up single is going to do.”

On the claims that Alexandra was put out when she was 16, Melissa says she had to lay down the law and that hard ears you won’t hear, own way yuh gine feel.

“I have certain rules. In Caribbean families you have to respect your parents. She needed to experience life, to see if the grass is greener – and she did. I don’t know where she went but the door was always open.”

She doesn’t entirely blame her girl for the shock interview though and puts some of the blame on the publicity machine.

“It’s upsetting. I think her PR people are responsible. It’s about getting sympathy votes.”

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