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Islandista Fashion Notes – Fashion Night Out & Alex Burke’s saucy dress

Oh islandistas, so much is happening right now in the world where islandistaness (yeh, just made it up), and fashion intersect, that we can scarcely keep up!

New York Fashion Week is on like boil corn and you know we will be giving you the news from the runways and red carpets.

And of course… the parties. Vogue did it big like only they can last night when they hosted the global Fashion Night Out (FNO) – a night of retail therapy, model mingling and retail recovery in every city and country where Vogue is published.

Naturally, some of our fashionista islandistas made appearances at various FNOs – Rihanna and Estelle were spotted at events for the New York City FNO while supermodel preggy Jourdan Dunn was at the London FNO.


Oh Ri-Ri, what have you done? Fools in the club are still stumbling around wearing those Kanye West shutter shades all two years after the ‘Stronger’ music video – now you give them this?

Quilted/peaked/whatever the hell they use to get that effect A-morir ‘Barracuda’ shades that are just dripping with fierceness?


And you know only someone with your fashion gravitas can truly rock these with such fierceness and yet you know many others will try and fail. Why Ri-ri, why?

Dammit. I can see a trend coming and I am going to be seeing knock-offs of these for months to come.

Oh and the hooded dress is hot too.

Less dramatically, Estelle was hanging out with designer Rachel Roy in a painter print jacket that I actually quite like – you know we’re not always down with Miss Estelle’s fashion sense…


And over in London, Jourdan Dunn came out to the Burberry party at Top Shop (love that combination of high street and high brow that the British do so well!) to give fashion tips to the FNO patrons.  



Photo credit:
Photo credit:

She’s looking… we can’t resist the pun… as round as an English pound! Especially in the face. It’s strange, being pregnant has actually made her face look younger, as if she had baby fat … which technically she does, huh?  


She told that she’s been feeling well during her pregnancy – no morning sickness!  She has had “a bit of heartburn and some backpain” and cravings for bread but that’s it. Lucky girl.

In non-FNO fashion notes, Alexandra Burke showed off what she’s got a few evenings ago in a sau-cy sheer Pucci mini dress. Take a look for yourself.

Photo credit: PA
Photo credit: PA

 Ok, that’s not so bad – that’s what you’re thinking, right? Well check the back view.

Matrix Photos
Matrix Photos

Yeah… we know. That’s what we said too.

She also debuted a new weave that is shorted with heavy bangs. Do you Alex…

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island ~ ista
From Latin -ista via Portuguese -ista
one who follows a principle; an adept.

As an islandista I live, embody, exude the spirit of the Caribbean islands.

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