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Even more political relationship commess

Kerrie SymmondsWow… and here we thought all the political relationship commess was in Turks and Caicos and Guyana.

Turns out it ent done – Barbados has gotten in on the act too!

It’s not quite as spicy because unlike TCI and GT, it does not involve the head of the country, just an Opposition senator and his estranged wife, but…! He was a Government Minister in the last administration and the details that have come out thus far are pretty damn spicy.

Apparently, Kerrie Symmonds, who used to be the Minister of State within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade when his party was in power in Barbados, is taking out his anger with his estranged wife on her car.

According to the Barbados Nation, he is supposed to appear in court today for allegedly slashing his wife’s Toyota Prado last week and allegedly assaulting her back in June.

This was all laid out as his wife took out a protection order against him.

From the Nation:

Symmonds, of Wilcox House, Christ Church, is scheduled to go before the District “A” Magistrates Court in connection with two incidents. On June 13, 2009, he allegedly assaulted his estranged wife Andrea Symmonds, of Rock Hall, St Thomas.

Last week Thursday he is alleged to have used a spare key to enter her Toyota Prado and slash the car seats.

So...the Prado does not look like this anymore. (Photo credit: Aussie Motoring)
So...the Prado does not look like this anymore. (Photo credit: Aussie Motoring)

Wuhloss…. pepper sauce!

Of course, it is one thing for politicos to do wrong t’ings to their partners in private – we have all heard of the various scandals of politicians and their partners all up and down this island chain.

It is another thing when it leaks out in public and Symmonds promptly resigned from his post as Opposition Senator.

Opposition Leader Mia Mottley said in a statement:

“Earlier today, I received a request from Senator Kerrie Symmonds, who is out of the country, to be relieved of his Senate appointment with immediate effect, citing personal reasons.”

Of course, Prime Minister David Thompson could not resist getting a dig in, since Symmonds actually used to run with his side but skipped out on the DLP to join the party in power in the late 90s. He said to reporters yesterday:

“I once thought that Kerrie Symmonds was a rising political star.

He even did his in-service [training] with me and I thought I had imparted [some knowledge and advice]. (But) look at what has happened today . . . . “I wish him all the very best and God’s blessings. That’s all I can do, truthfully.”

Ouch. He has a point, though. Symmonds is a smart guy that had been seen as a rising star, both with the Dees and the Bees and it is kind of surprising that he let things get to this point. I mean… damn man! Scratching up the car? What the hell is this… Waiting to Exhale?

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