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Bits and pieces – Lara fete back on, socially aware fashion and more…

Yes islandistas, I have another pelau post here for you – a bit of this and a bit of that and you know seh it always good!

First up – apparently Brian Lara’s all-inclusive Crop-Over party is back on. The Prince changed his mind over a week ago so all systems are go once again.

No details on what caused him to change his mind and work the party into his schedule but we’re guessing that some fervent pleading from Bajan party-goers may have gone down.

In other news, Barbadian fashion designer Toni Thorne of Bouik is bringing social awareness to fashion with the launch of a new campaign to promote HIV/AIDS awareness, called Wear The Issue.

Photo source: Wear the Issue Facebook page
Photo source: Wear the Issue Facebook page

The main focus of the campaign is the Wear D Issue contest where young people will have the opportunity to design either a garment or a t-shirt that is inspired by the HIV/AIDS awareness campaign. The winning designs wil be showcased at a catwalk event in December.

Thorne kicked off the campaign with an  event of her own in Bridgetown last week, using the contestants of the Miss Barbados World contest.

According to Thorne:

The focus of the ‘Wear-D-Issue’ Competition will be to utilise creativity and by extension fashion, as a medium to promote awareness to the Barbadian youth of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. What better way to capture the youth market’s attention by using something as readily accepted as fashion to address a serious issue.
It is our intention to make this an annual process and a developmental program for young persons. We do not want this to be a project that is deemed as frivolous. This is the stigma often attached to ventures particularly in the fashion industry and by extension, the creative sectors.

And in Rihanna/Chris Brown news, though there is still no reaction from Rihanna’s camp, her mentor Jay-Z has spoken out on Chris’ video apology the other day. In an interview with British DJ Tim Westwood, Jigga said:

“We Are all flawed human beings. All a person can do is apologize. Everyone should be allowed to make mistakes. It happens.”


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