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Which all-inclusive will run tings this year?

We know that islandistas STAY partying – even though the recession is real, we still need to ease the tension with a li’l fete. And this is the season for it – summer!

In Barbados, the Crop-Over season is just hitting high gear – three more weeks of frenetic partying to go! With the demise of one beloved all-inclusive party – Brian Lara’s Crop-Over party; and the demise of another not so beloved so-called-inclusive event – C&W-now-LIME’s eNVy, the market for Crop-Over all inclusives is wide open and a number of folks are stepping into the breach.

Bliss poster

High on our islandista radar are four events over the final weekend of Crop-Over.

 Two of them – Esquire Entertainment’s Bliss and Island Mas’ Breakfast Party are familiar and have been on the scene for a few years now. Bliss in particular has a great reputation and is a hot draw for young professionals who come from all over the region.

Drawing on their own experiences from living, studying and working in Trinidad and Jamaica, the directors of Esquire have been showing Barbados how proper, genuine all-inclusives are supposed to be held, since their first one back on Old Year’s Night 2005. They do hot venues like Lion Castle’s polo club and the Barbados Concorde Experience headquarters, good food and nuff drinks and wuk-ups. What more could you ask for?

Island Mas is a combination of Bajans and Trinis in Barbados – hence their slogan “a TrinBajan experience”. They held their first breakfast party (and the first breakfast party on the Crop-Over scene) back in 2007, seeking to bring a Trini Carnival season staple to Bim.

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 Following hot on their heels this year is yet another breakfast party – a new introduction to the Crop-Over scene called Sunny Side Up. Again this is another Bajan-Trini connection, as it is being hosted by BashBrothaz from Barbados and the Sunny Side Up crew from Trinidad. You know we’re all about regional love and unity on Islandista – which is what nearly all these events have in common. U-ni-ty!




Right now the menu looking real Trini-ish – the website says the breakfast will include:

“Hot tasty doubles, Spicy Corn Soup, fresh succulent fruits, various breakfast items.”

They do promise that the menu will be updated soon so we expect to see some fishcakes and bakes up in dey soon! SSU is billing itself as ‘the premium all-inclusive breakfast party’ and at US$75 for singles and US$130 for couples, we trust it will be!

 That like it is an intro price to hook Bajans, because the Trini Carnival version is even more expensive. Another new event is the Bathsheba Experience – an all-inclusive party at a villa in one of Barbados’ most beautiful and rugged East Coast villages.

Bathsheba Experience poster

There is not much more information on this event other than it is up Bathsheba which is gorgeous. We hope the promoters will forward with some more details in short order!

So islandistas what do you think? Who will run t’ings on the Crop-Over all-inclusive scene this year?

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one who follows a principle; an adept.

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