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Trini Carnival – a look forward and a look back

Even though we’re in the midst of the summer Carnival season, things are already heating up for Trinidad Carnival 2010.

Talk is already flying about what plans the various mas bands in TnT have in store for 2010 and two top Trinidadian mas bands – Spice and Carnival Tribe, are set to hold their band launches this month on July 19th and 25th respectively.

In fact, Spice has already given us all a sneak peek of their 2010 presentation, The Spice Route, when they held their media launch two weeks ago.

They displayed the front line costumes of two sections – the Caspian Sea and Rubies of Mumbai and they are bee-yoo-tee-ful!

I especially like the Rubies of Mumbai (below). The tear-drop shaped red gems dripping off the waist piece and the sari like material for the shoulders – fantastic!

photo credit: Joel Angelo/
photo credit: Joel Angelo/


photo credit: Joel Angelo/
photo credit: Joel Angelo/

Spice’s Eastern theme is one that seems to be quite popular for Trini Carnival ’10. Tribe is going with ‘The Secret of Silk’ – a slight change up from what was rumoured to be the original name – The Silk Road.

On top of that, Island People’s presentation for next year is rumoured to be called Kuchela while Legacy’s presentation is Masala.

So it gine be bare bindis and mehendi in your curry la la for Carnival 2010. Honestly, I’m excited. There is something about Eastern inspirations that really bring out the beauty in a Carnival costume. The rich colours and jewelling, not to mention all the extra fun you can have with accessorising!

We’re also feeling an early, early Carnival spirit because of a photo spread in the last ever Vibe magazine – the June/July 2009 issue that has turned out to be their last.

They did a fashion spread based on and at Trinidad Carnival 09, featuring the ubiquitous Ms. Trinidad Universe 09 Anya Ayoung-Chee and Trinbagonian model Kenywn Millington.

The pics are great. It is a mix of fashion and Carnival revelery with shocks of colour and plenty bacchanal. Take a look at some of the pics below.

Vibe trini spread-bacchanal
photo credit: Mischa Richter for
Vibe trini spread-Anyaand Kenwyn
photo credit: Mischa Richter


photo credit: Mischa Richter
photo credit: Mischa Richter

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