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Sneak peek: exclusive Vashtie Kola interview!

Vashtie and Oscar 1992Islandista and multi-talented artist Vashtie Kola granted us an exclusive interview this week and she has a lot to say!

Look out for the full interview later on this week where she talks about her time at Def Jam, her decision to step out on her own and pursue her own dreams, how she and her best friend Oscar created one of New York City’s hottest party phenomenons, 1992 and what is was like growing up Trini in Albany.

Until then, here is a quick clip:

… I grew up with mostly American black kids. There were also some West Indian families- mostly Jamaican or Guyanese but no Trinidadians. So growing up it was kind of me doing a lot of research to understand what it meant to be Trinidadian.

[Trying to explain her Trini heritage growing up] It was a little confusing for them and it was confusing to me as well. I looked Indian but I wasn’t Indian. Trying to explain the culture – you knowI eat curry chicken, my mum is Hindu but my dad is Christian. …trying to explain all those different elements.  I tried to get away from it when I was younger. When I was a kid I definitely tried to be more American – I didn’t want to be Trinidadian. As I got older and started to understand my culture and my heritage, I grew to appreciate it more.

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As an islandista I live, embody, exude the spirit of the Caribbean islands.

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