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Baje & Power X 4 unveil their costumes

They’re baaaaack!

Barbados’ two biggest bands, Baje International and Power X Four both unveiled their costumes on Friday in different ways.

Power X Four sent an e-newsletter to their mailing list with a ‘sneak peek’ of their costumes while Baje International had their official media launch at Red Rock at the end of the Gap.

Here is a look at some of our favourite sections from each band. Px4’s presentation this year is entitled ’15 years of Love & Revelery’ while Baje is ‘Fire & Ice’.


Power X 4 - Blue Skies
Power X 4 - Blue Skies


Love, love the sky blue colour for this  and the bra piece is just gorgeous and lavishly decorated! Check out more costumes when you read on.


Baje International - Singapore Sling
Baje International - Singapore Sling

 This is actually my favourite costume out of all of the Baje selections this year, most of which are a ‘unhh’ beneath BD$500. Mystifyingly, this is actually the cheapest section, at ‘just’ BD$465! Go figure. Yet the singularly unimpressive titular costume Fire & Ice is $499!

Power X Four - Bajan Goddess
Power X Four - Bajan Goddess

Again, loving this pastel pink colour because it is a departure from the colours Px4 usually goes with unlike their ‘Energy’ section for example which is barely a variation on the standard gold and yellow costume they trot out each year.


Baje International - Tequila Sunrise
Baje International - Tequila Sunrise


This costume shows Baje trying to stretch their range a leeetle bit. I like the feathered detailing on the waistband – a departure from using just beads on the waist piece and the headband with a burst of feathers off to the side for the headpiece. Sweet.

Now, for a little suss and speculation!

Bajan islandistas would know that Power X Four does not usually present its costumes before Baje – I always got the impression there was some tacit agreement between the two so that revellers were basically compelled to commit to one or the other because they both tended to sell out so quickly there was no time to wait and decide between the two.

However, this year they have jumped the gun and started holding early registration since Friday… the exact same day that Baje was launching. This is despite the fact that their official launch is supposed to be on June 20th. Their explanation for the early ‘sneak peek’?

Crop Over fever is in the air, and we can tell by the numerous calls and emails that you are ready and rearing to select your costume for the big day. We are also aware that due to a number of regular bands sitting out of Crop-Over this year, the demand for spaces will be even greater. For this reason, we are giving our faithfuls an exclusive sneak peek at our 2009 presentation.

Mm. hmmmmmm! The recession is real, peoples! I keep telling yuh. Tings brown, Contact costumes are a flat cost across the board and at are generally $100 less than Baje’s confirmed and Px4’s rumoured price points so every man gotta brek fuh heself.

I don’t mind! It is about time these band leaders have to scramble a bit for our support rather than people calling and begging and pleading to get costumes held for them.

Now on to Baje. As we reported earlier, Baje will not be holding its usual round of paid weekly fetes, including its themed fetes like Girl Power. This year they are holding a series of FREE limes at Red Rock Bistro and Bar or as they term it “5 hot recession ready free summer limes”.

They will only be holding three main events – their big soca show Collision, their paint/Jouvert fete and a last lap rave.


Honestly, I think Baje’s problem is the big, wukking-up elephant in the room that will be at Tim’s on the Highway from next Friday. A little huge thing called Brewster’s Road. Friday’s used to belong to Baje but Brewster’s Road went up against them boldly and slaughtered them last year.

Honestly, I think there would be no shame in Baje shifting to like a Thursday or Wednesday night or even switch to the Sunday night slot that Campus Boyz’ demise has left open.

Between Brewster’s Road and Contact’s pork limes on Fridays, it is just looking sticky for Baje or anyone else for that matter, to pull a big crowd, even with a free event.

But we shall see. It is certainly gearing up to be an interesting Crop-Over.

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4 replies on “Baje & Power X 4 unveil their costumes”

Well as per your report on only two bands, its a bit one sided. Just because they are the biggest does not mean they are the best. don’t get me wrong I think both bands costumes are outstanding. But if you take a look at our website at you will see some bands like ours offer top notch costumes and packages at a very reasonable price costumes starting at $200bds dollars don’t take my word for it check it out yourself.
the designer.

these r both highly over-rated bands,the focus should be on music n drinks flowing so members could really enjoy themselves on the road but sadly this is not so.

[…] In other Baje news, after their well-documented troubles of the last two years when it came to  the declining appeal of their parties and fetes, they have given in to the might that is Brewster’s Road (not to mention the Contact Pork Limes – which started last Friday) and switched from their long-held Friday night slot to the freer Sunday night slot – which we actually suggested they do since like, last year. […]

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