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T&T Fashion Week wrap up

Fashion is in the air and blowing like a hurricane from south to north in the space of a fortnight!

Even though Fashion Week Trinidad & Tobago wrapped up on June 2, there is still so much to show and tell from that long weekend of fabulous Caribbean fashion.

This is all the moreso because the folks at our new favourite fashion blog, CF Style have been working… hard! I am exhausted just looking at the amount of photo footage and interviews they got out of FWTT – it is an impressive show of dedication to Caribbean fashion.

Anyhow, here are a few of our picks from FWTT.


All photo credits:

All photo credits:

Loved these very feminine, frilled white dresses from Brown Sugar – they are absolutely perfect for summer and all the fabulous all-inclusives like Bliss, Beach House and Brian Lara’s Crop-Over fete.

Well-known Carnival designer Sonia Mack also showed her collection and while many of the outfits were gorgeous, the collection on a whole was confusing and without focus. Fashion blog Step Up Trini Style blinded it, saying:

Honestly I think Ms. Mack needed to have decided what she wanted to make for fashion week: costumes or garments. (And then asked herself where on earth these garments were meant to be worn?) She landed somewhere squarely in between and the results were not impressive.

Ouch. But when you look at the pics you can see what she means. For instance, there was this cute little dress with a very on trend art print that was slightly tropical, paired with a Grace Kelly like scarf.


And there was even … a wedding dress!


But there were also a few random Indian-inspired pieces like this.


And there were also some gorgeous, chiffon-y dresses like this flame red one.


Maybe Ms. Mack was trying to make a statement about the diversity of Trinidad & Tobago, hence all the different looks?

Or maybe she was trying to show her own diverse ability as a designer? Either way, it was not a coherent collection, though there were many individual hits.

 Claudia Pegus also came with a bang, after the trauma of her robbery at gun point just a week before FWTT started. She had said that the experience was going to change the tone of her collection and that she intended to make a statement about “youth, crime and ethnicity” and how trapped everyone feels by crime in T&T.

Did she? Well, see for yourself.





Damn, Claudia. Tell us how you really feel.

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