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Pelau post – Fay-Ann’s post-baby body, D’Angel’s bad luck & Lorna gets her own

We are just bursting with news of all things islandista these days! Between all the various summer carnivals, stage shows, parties and two big fashion weeks back to back, we are so busy it’s hard to know where to start.

So, to make a dent in all the suss, we’re going to hit you with another pelau post – or a pepperpot post if you will – it real mix up but it spicy and good!

First let’s start with news of one of our favourite islandista mamis, Fay-Ann Lyons, who has been taking full advantage of her biggest year in soca to date.

As we reported back in May, her first post-pregnancy performance was in Toronto at Dr. Jay’s I Love Soca.

We have seen the pics from the event and can we say… Fay-Ann’s post baby body is just… unnecessary! How is it that a woman who just had a baby two months ago (and was round like an English pound as the fellas would say) could already be slimmer than chicks who are not pregnant at all?


This... is not fair.
This... is not fair.

I swear, I going protest to somebody. Obviously, she is not back to six-pack Fay-Ann but damn it man, all she have the nerve to show is a lil pudge?

We have some news of another well-known islandista mummy who is having a string of bad luck recently – Jamaican dancehall act D’Angel.

Her clothing boutique in Kingston was held up and robbed on Monday. Gunmen tied up her employee and made off with J$400 000 (about US$4500) in clothes, accessories etc.

That alone would be bad but it follows close on the heels of her accident less than two weeks ago that wrote off her X5 when she was on her way to a party at footballer Bibi Gardiner’s place in St. Thomas. D’ Angel said then:

 I was on my way to Bibi’s dance in St. Thomas, we couldn’t have been more than one minute away when all of a sudden a car ran into us….my side of the vehicle mash up…the airbag dem deploy same time…it was like a movie, I was a spectator to it all.”

Worse, the fellas that crashed into her car soon got into another vehicle and took off. Damn… a so dem billias?

In other slightly better news (but not if you’re Buju!), his common law wife of 18 years and mother of his 5 children, Lorna Strachan is smiling all the way to the bank after Buju decided to do the smart thing and settle out of court with her.

Apparently Buju wanted to play hardball with her at first even though she was making him a pretty reasonable offer to just have a few of the properties they own jointly, given to her.

So Lorna (yes, her of Buju’s 90s hit Love mi Brownin) took the matter to the Supreme Court and Buju soon wised up, realising that their long marriage, even though common-law, still entitled her to half of what he owned. A source close to the couple reported:

“She had his back against the wall. After so many years of them being together, she would be entitled to half of everything he owns. So it made sense for him to give her what she was asking for.”

And half of what Buju owns is a pretty penny. The properties included in the claim included an apartment at Priory Court, Devon Road, St Andrew, the property at Ballater Avenue, Kingston 10, which houses the Donovan Germain-led Penthouse empire; houses at Jacaranda Close, Braeton, St Catherine; Carlisle Avenue, Kingston 8; and the family house in Belgrade Heights, Kingston 19.

In the end Lorna came away with the Belgrade Heights house she currently lives in and 25% of the Ballater Avenue property.

I can’t stop laughing at this one. Dah fuh he! Too often West Indian men want to feel that they can do women as they like – horn them non-stop, refuse to marry them and then when de women tired of them, they want to get spiteful, even when their own pickney involved.

More women need to stand up for their financial rights and move more seriously. In the end, all she asked for was the house she and his children are living in and 25% of another property – that is barely anything in the scheme of things – you think it is a little bit of money Buju made off of Til Shiloh?

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