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Shontelle and Rihanna link up in London

Fellow Bajan islandistas, former cadets and of course singers, Shontelle and Rihanna have apparently linked up in London and it is causing a minor tweet-storm (I think I just coined that phrase) in the twittersphere witha few loyal fans (and apparently a load of paparazzi) parked outside the hotel where they are both staying, desperate for a pic or autograph and tweeting updates.

As you would know from our post on Friday, Shontelle is in the UK on tour with Beyonce as part of her ‘I Am’ tour.

Apparently Rihanna has flown out to London town as well which explains the pics of her at JFK airport on Friday.

She and Shontelle have been tweeting back and forth since last night. A snippet of their exchanges:

According to fan/twitterer Patsy Travers, Rihanna left the hotel about two hours ago to go do a soundcheck, fuelling rumours that she will be performing in the London show of Beyonce’s I Am Tour tonight. We’ll stay tuned for that.

In other Shontelle-related stuff, here’s a clip that her lil sis recorded of her performing her break-out hit ‘Roll’ in Birmingham over the weekend.

 De wining start out a li’l social – I guess cos of the heels but she put down some respectably islandistas wining towards the middle and end!

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one who follows a principle; an adept.

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