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Wait boh… Lights like it launch

We have to thank our readers for giving us a heads up when necessary. Jane Doe and Socamommy set us right in our last post with some useful tips.

Apparently, Ravurz is not the first Kadooment band to have launched. Harbour Lights (aka Blue Box Cart) launched their band on May 3rd with a showing at the club.

BBC- blackFunnily enough, there has been nothing about Lights’ launch on the regular Crop-Over sites such as or There has been nothing in the paper nor even mentioned on radio – not even on Mix 96.

There is not even anything official on Harbour Lights’ website.

It’s almost… as if they did not want the general public to know that their band had launched.

Funny, funny, funny… why would that be? I can’t imagine… (racking brain)

So let me rephrase… Ravurz is the first band to let the general public know that they have launched.

There is not even anything official about the Lights launch on their Facebook page, Harbour Lights Crew. However, the enterprising Anja managed to snag some grainy pics from a friend who went to the launch so you can take a look at some of the costumes below.

BBC- blue

BBC- yellow

Hm. Like the models.

In other news, Socamommy has let us know of Fay-Ann’s post-baby touring arrangements. A nanny is now part of the Asylum Family and both baby and nanny will be touring with Fay-Ann this summer.

I like it. Do what you got to do Queen Fay!

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4 replies on “Wait boh… Lights like it launch”

but how that black costume looking just like tribe black magic in 2008??

these small islands feel nobody go notice?

Trini, you are a fool.

Trinis does overrun Barbados for Crop Over (and regularly I might add) so how you can accuse anyone of costume-stealing and then actually think (if it even happen) that all the Trinis that come to Barbados for Crop Over give a damn??

I’ll be sure to ask Brian Lara since he prefers to be in Bim anyways.

Please go find an Indian to kidnap, or go search from some food in the Beetham.

y advertise a product that sells itself. HL costumes typically sell out in spite of the fact that they have no public marketing campaign.

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