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Skerrit Bwoy responds…

Well, well, well, looka dis here.

Remember, Skerrit Bwoy, the Antiguan deejay/’dancer’ we ripped a while back for his display of daggering (and table throwing) that has been youtubed around the world?

We weren’t too complimentary of him, were we?

Turns out we hurt his feelings a bit because a commenter using the name ‘the real skerrit bwoy’ has responded to our post.

We’ll give Jack his jacket … he has at least explained his comments over on Mad Decent where it seemed like he was boasting and he has pointed out that his display appeals to his audience. See his response after the cut…

“Gal get beat up when dem dance! I love dem. they love me. but i gotta express my love physically. i only hit you cause i love you girl.” thats a song that i got name “domestic violence” from 2004. i could understand that your upset. but you dont have the right to ridicule me. what im doing is entertaining to me & my fans. and yes i get paid for this form of entertainment. so what is the problem? who are you to ridicule me, when im working to feed my family? is freedom of expression no longer available in the usa? if ya have a problem come see me at my show, we could discuss it over some antiguan food. lol


What can you say, eh? I ent know if to laugh, kiss my teet, shake my head or bawl.

On the one hand, he makes a reasonable argument. He gets paid for this form of entertainment and it is entertaining to him and his fans. Boggles the mind, but he does have a point – after all, like we said, pure people were on his MySpace bigging him up.

On the other hand… He. threw. a. TABLE. at a woman and then bodyslammed her like some dancehall WWF fighter. He has thousands, maybe even millions of people around the world laughing after us Caribbean people and is giving fodder to to those who would wish to pull us down.

But on the other, other hand (ye, three hands mi seh- wha?) rock fans like moshing whereas in the Caribbean, any artist who was fool enough to fling themselves offstage into a crowd, would see them part like the Red Sea just before they ate dirt.

The point is, it’s bizarre but it’s not the most bizarre kind of entertainment out there and to each their own?

But still, on the other, next hand, he threw a whole table at this woman and lick her down. Not even a little coffee table or bedside table or a foldable plastic card table. The table could easily have seated six for dinner.

I just can’t… let’s agree to disagree Skerritt Bwoy, but thanks for stopping by! Next time I’m in the USA, maybe I’ll take you up on that offer of the Antiguan food – fungie and pepperpot pull long!

By Me

island ~ ista
From Latin -ista via Portuguese -ista
one who follows a principle; an adept.

As an islandista I live, embody, exude the spirit of the Caribbean islands.

5 replies on “Skerrit Bwoy responds…”

Regardless of how “entertaining” it might be, we as West Indians really do need higher standards of entertaining ourselves. Disrespecting women should not be anything a man should get paid for. I saw a video a few weeks ago with a woman with a trash bin on she head… a big dirty, (probably smelly) trash bin!

Why we must accept that women must be degraded, disrespected and physically assaulted to entertain the masses? Are the songs nowadays that bad that dancing, wining up, and drinking a cool drink is not enough?

correction. the world is not laughing at Caribbean people. the world is laughing at me. if you write a blog. the world does not commend all Caribbean people. & i cannot take credit for that. so why are you & other Caribbean people trying to take credit for my great work? the video says nothing of any caribbean country. and plays no caribbean music. so i still dont understand why yall trying to share my spotlight. lol. gimme room to bask in the glory of my table throwing. bless

p.s. life sweet!

Skerrit, you’re delusional. You’re the talk of the day… today, and just like everyone else before you, the sun will set your form of “entertainment” and people will move on to the next name in dancehall reggae dancing.

Enjoy it while it lasts of course, but please don’t mistake the glare of the video light with adoration.

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