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Does ‘Skerritt Bwoy’ hate women?

My. God.

That was about all I could manage to say when I first saw the video above of Dutty Fridaze in Los Angeles.

As an islandista, I was just ashamed. The people making themselves look like complete savages. There are just so many ugly stereotypes bouncing up in that video, I can’t even begin to mention.

First thought in my head ‘This daggering thing gone waaaaaaaaaay too far now.’  It’s bad enough that idiots have been breaking off their penises attempting to dagger in bed.  And if the men are doing that to their penises, imagine what this daggering is doing to women’s wombs? *shudder*

Worse,  daggering doesn’t have anything to do with dancing, it is just vicious jucking. Heel and toe is a dance. Willie bounce is a dance. Nuh linga, gully creepa – all dem tings, those are dances. You actually have to have some co-ordination and rhythm to do them.

Daggering? Not so much. In fact, not at all.

Like many other people, including a lot of Jamaicans when the vid first popped up in inboxes or on FB or wherever, I thought the folks involved were Jamaicans.

But in checking out the dancehall sites like one876 and yardflex and thing, I found out that Skerritt Boy isn’t Jamaican at all and a lot of yardies are veeeeeexxxxx that he is casting a bad light on them.

Skerritt Boy is actually an Antiguan deejay and … ‘dancer’ – ye, I had to put that in inverted commas cos I ent know how pelting a table can be considered dancing. De man literally pelt a table and lick down de woman. wtf?!

His ‘performance’ was just awful, violent, disgusting and that, combined with his very tight pants and colourful hair, makes me wonder if this man even likes women at all?

What makes it worse (oh yea, there’s more) is that this fool is actually proud of his now internationally televised idiocy. On a post about it on the maddecent blog, he had the nerve to boast about it:

“Gal get beat up when dem dance! I love dem. they love me. but i gotta express my love physically. i only hit you cause i love you girl.”

Lord… I think some of my brain cells died just reading that damn foolishness but he ent fooling a damn soul with that ‘I love dem’. I sure he would get frighten if he ever spy an exposed titty. Nobody can convince me that this fool likes women in any way.

Worse, pure people bigging up the man on his MySpace page, telling him he ‘gone worldwide’.

I can’t deal with it… this gone past ghetto.

By Me

island ~ ista
From Latin -ista via Portuguese -ista
one who follows a principle; an adept.

As an islandista I live, embody, exude the spirit of the Caribbean islands.

6 replies on “Does ‘Skerritt Bwoy’ hate women?”

Wow, I’ve seen this “dance” before but never to this extreme. The only thing this does is give white people an excuse to point, laugh and shake their heads at all the savagery. It’s sad that this is how the Caribbean people are being represented.

It really is very difficult to break a penis.

I’ve read the news articles purporting to link daggering and such breakage, and they are EXTREMELY tenuous. Take them with a fist-sized hunk of salt.

With regard to the dancing itself, as odious as I find it, much the same has been said about dances of every generation, including the waltz.

Too permissive, too sexual, not graceful enough, not really “dancing”. A sense of history should make you rethink your intellectual position, at least.

I am at a loss for words……the person who ‘invented’ this nonsense should be banned from every nightclub and dance hall. Shame and disgust doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about this.

@ Me, understanding history has nothing to do with this garbage. Common sense should prevail and I highly doubt this will ever be on the same page as the waltz and foxtrot. Give me a break with the pseudo intellectual BS.

“Gal get beat up when dem dance! I love dem. they love me. but i gotta express my love physically. i only hit you cause i love you girl.”

thats a song that i got name “domestic violence” from 2004. i could understand that your upset. but you dont have the right to ridicule me. what im doing is entertaining to me & my fans. and yes i get paid for this form of entertainment. so what is the problem? who are you to ridicule me, when im working to feed my family? is freedom of expression no longer available in the usa? if ya have a problem come see me at my show, we could discuss it over some antiguan food. lol

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