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Mariah Carey parties it up in Barbados

So pop diva Mariah Carey spent a few days in Barbados last week celebrating her 39th ‘life anniversary’ with husband Nick Cannon and her whole entourage.


They flew in by private jet and stayed at one of the island’s most exclusive West Coast villas (the villa, which we hear goes at $15 000 a night is a celeb magnet – it also happens to be the one that Rihanna and Chris Brown allegedly tore up during their stay in Bim last summer).


They also had a big birthday bash at the Zagat-rated, super-sexy Wispers on the Bay, a restaurant right along Brown’s Beach. There was actually a power cut on the night of the party that left the whole island in darkness but since Wispers is lit with standing flambeaus, it apparently did not have too much of an impact.

MC apparently had a greeeeat time, even diving into the surf afterwards in her dress and taking a swim.

Our sources tell us that the eyebrow-raising marriage between MC and Nick Cannon seems to definitely be real with the two dotish behind each other, hugging and kissing all the time and with her even flaunting an ‘MCC’ name-plate necklace that Nick bought her as a bday gift. That’s Mariah Carey-Cannon by the way. … I wonder if he has matching NCC jewellery because we all know that he is Mr. Carey and loves it.

In other islandista news, Rihanna is continuing to hit the party circuit and was seen out at Bar Deluxe taking her forays into the 80s look a bit too far IMO…


Shoulder pads… no. I feel like I saw this exact outfit in my auntie’s closet in 1989.

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