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T-Pain being sued by Guyanese promoter and Ri-ri goes house shopping

Down in GT, they are NOT happy with hip-pop Auto-tune king T-Pain after he skipped out on a concert there last month.

The reason given at the time was that T-Pain had received reports that he was allegedly the target of kidnapping and death threats in Guyana because the promoter hadn’t take care of his street people in the right way.

Well, the promoters Hits and James Entertainment ent having it and they are suing him now in a Miami court – for US$5 million.

 Hits and Jams’ attorney Ron Lowy charged that T-Pain made outrageous demands, including a private jet (outrageous when you consider he has been all up in the media talking bout he has his own $3M private jet – second hand mind you), FBI protection (brr?) and a phone call from President Bharrat Jagdeo (eh?).

Anyhow, the H&J folk do acknowledge that T-Pain offered to return the money but they say that can’t make up for the damage caused or “remedy the disappointment to the Guyanese fans.”

Hmm. Will  be interesting to see how this case pans out. Seems like sussness all around.

In other news, Rihanna is continuing her publicly documented quest to show that Chris Brown ent no where round she. She went house-hunting in L.A. with BFF Melissa, looking very hot in a fringed gray necklace and silver Louboutins. Less thrilled about the wet and curly hair and a bit dismayed that she had it pulled back from her forehead.



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