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Go easy on Rihanna & Selita’s zippered confusion

Evan Rogers, the man who discovered Rihanna is pleading with the public to go easy on his protege, in the wake of wide-spread anger at her for allegedly returning to Chris Brown after he beat her on February 8th.

Rihanna lived with Rogers and his Bajan wife Jackie for over a year in Connecticut while they prepared her demo and shopped it around to record labels. In the past, Rihanna was very close to them, calling them ‘Uncle Evan’ and ‘Auntie Jackie’.

Speaking to the Barbados Nation, Rogers reminded folks that Rihanna is just barely a woman, saying:

” At the end of the day, people forget that at 21, your perspective is very different. These kinds of things can happen to anyone, whether you’re a celebrity or not.”

In other islandista tid bits, Caymanian (or is it Cayman Islander? I will have to ask one of my CI people) Selita Ebanks attended the dinner premiere of Valentio’s ‘The Last Emperor’ in a zippered, lacy, sequinned, cut-out mini-dress that was as confusing looking as that description just was.

No, Selita.
No, Selita.

We very much do not like. It look like federation and that bubby looking like Cinque from Amistad … “give us us FREE!”



Still ent like it from this angle neither. We usually love Selita but this outfit fail.

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one who follows a principle; an adept.

As an islandista I live, embody, exude the spirit of the Caribbean islands.

2 replies on “Go easy on Rihanna & Selita’s zippered confusion”

I read that article in the Nation, and I wondered at the time… how de tail Revlon’s actions indicated that her Cover Girl ting was in jeopardy?

Anyway, I agree with what’s ‘is face– people need to go easy on the girl, for goodness’ sake.

Public reaction to this issue is clear indication of how far we have to go. First they blame Ri-Ri for provoking the incident. Then they vex wid’ Brown for his criminality. But only briefly! In two two’s, they back vex’ wid Rihanna for not leffin’ he the way they would like!

Shit ain’t right.

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