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Rihanna back on the town again

Islandista Rihanna has been snapped and papped back out on the town again, clearly making a determined effort to get back into the swing of things – I think this is the third consecutive ‘night out photo op’ that we have seen from her in the last few days. This time she was ‘spotted’ leaving Da Silvano restaurant in Manhattan.

photo credit: Splash News
photo credit: Splash News

 Interestingly and perhaps significantly, she has been seen with many different people – Bajan BFF Melissa, mentorJay-Z, his wife Beyonce, singer Brandy, numerous bodyguards and helpers – but no Chris Brown.

Hmm… methinks her publicist and management team may be getting some control over their star again and are fighting back against Chris’ people who were clearly the ones behind all the ‘leaks’ of Rihanna and Chris being back together and the subsequent pictures that came out. It was surely unfortunate and not coincidental that one of her first major photo ops after the pre-Grammy beating was her hiding under a jacket on an airport tarmac with Chris Brown.

Hoping against hope here… maybe her people have gotten it through to her that since Chris and his people were willing to destroy her image and career by leaking stories and photo ops like a bust pipe that it is time she takes back some control over her image?

We shall see…

Aside from that, with it being Rihanna and all, a few fashion observations have to be made – like… I really, really do NOT like those light-coloured jeans with the exaggerated ‘whiskers’ across the hips and thighs. I always hated whiskers on girls’ jeans, and they look worse on light jeans – just tacky.

Please don’t go and make this a trend Ri-ri. I like the cut out gloves that she has been wearing though.

  photo credit: Splash Newsphoto credit: Splash News

As to the ‘wet and wavy’ look of her signature quiffed hair cut, all I can say is … lawd! Looka how Rihanna gine mek all de chicks who went and get their weave put on in that style have to run and go get some curly weave to rock the new style now. We can’t keep up… guess that’s the point!

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One reply on “Rihanna back on the town again”

I think thats great that Rihanna is back and im not for her returning to Chris Brown because we dont have the right to be mad at them because we are not in Rihanna’s position and maybe she happens to truly be in love with Chris and it isnt fair for us to try and accuse Rihanna of making a bad decision when the decision it its self was up to her! Look at her pictures she looks gorgeous still even though she was destroyed by Chris she came back strong in front of the cameras striking a pose! No one can tell her nothing and that includes any body on here……..Thankyou

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