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Dancehall bits and pieces…

So we have pure news from yaad for you this morning, starting with a review of the style on display at the Hype TV awards weekend before last.

To be honest, judging from the pics I’ve seen on yardflex, most of them just ‘nuh mek it’ as Jamaicans say. I know it’s dancehall but a lot of the outfits were way flashy and over the top.

Barbee for instance, seemed to be channeling a flamenco dancer in a red and gold frilled satin atrocity when she appeared on the red carpet with video director Jay Will.

Purported style icon, former model and boutique owner D’Angel also had a flop with insanely frizzy hair and a slightly tacky looking little black dress. It wasn’t terrible but it just wasn’t good either.


Queen Ifrica’s outfit was not a miss but it was not a hit either. It was a pretty decent long purple and white gown but it just did not have any wow factor IMO.


The one outfit that I really did like – I can’t even find out who is the person wearing it since it wasn’t captioned and I ent so familiar with every single smaddy in di dancehall fraternity.


It’s unusual and truth be told it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, what with the big bow going down the middle but I think it’s cute and funky, love the angles and folds in the dress and the hot colours. You have to have attitude to work a dress like this and she’s working it.

Onward… speaking of D’Angel, it looks like she is really kicking Beenie to the curb for good this time, despite the happy families show we saw from them a few months ago at Marco Dean’s 2nd birthday party. After his outburst the other day on Ed Lover’s radio programme, she like she decide it’s time to make things right in the 09.

Abena from one876entertainment is reporting:

Mi hear say since Beenie run off him mouth say him divorced, the real ting start back because D’Angel nah ramp wid him this year.

How yuh mean! Long time she shoulda do it too. Beenie like too much passa passa and foolishness. It was a bitch-ass move to skin out his old business yet again on radio. Keep it moving girl.

In other dancehall bits and pieces, Vybz Kartel got the industry buzzing again with some more saucy pictures of him and a female artist. You may remember all the talk when the promotional pics of him and Spice came out last year for their hot hit (now banned) Ramping Shop. It had people wondering if he and Spice were an item but it was vehemently denied by Spice and it even came to light that her man was at the photo shoot.

But these ones now with Portmore Empire protege Lisa Hype even more X-rated and NSFW (not safe for work!) than the Spice pics. At least with the Spice ones, they were both semi-dressed but these… well if he and Lisa ent doing the thing, someone should explain why his hands are on her bubbies. I’m just saying…

Woooiiiieee sah!
Woooiiiieee sah!

Well, well, well…


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