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Beenie dogging out D’Angel, Barbee

Oh Beenie, Beenie, Beenie…

Why you have to move soap-opera-ish so? You can’t just leave well enough alone? ‘No comment’ ent gine burn yuh tongue you know.

Once again, Beenie Man is out there talking his wife D’Angel’s name … and he threw in a side swipe at ex-girlfriend-who-he-never-publicly-acknowledged-despite-being-seen-everywhere-together Barbee too.



In an interview on Ed Lover’s Morning show on Power 105 in New York recently, he dogged D’Angel, his on-again, off-again wife, rehashing the various problems and accusations he had levelled against her as many as two years ago.

From one876 entertainment (btw, welcome back!)

He rehashed past accusations he had levied against his estranged wife, D’Angel, saying that he thought she was the ‘one’ but that she had changed during the course of the relationship.

But he had even harsher words for Barbee while publicly acknowledging for the first time their more than year-long relationship. He said she was ‘crazy’ and said she “wanted a Chris Brown-Rihanna thing, and I couldn’t deal with that”.


Why Beenie Man always have to have somebody name in he mouth so, though? He moving real womanish, no lie. Perhaps… just perhaps he needs to check himself. With so many failed relationships, the problem may well be him.

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2 replies on “Beenie dogging out D’Angel, Barbee”

mi seh beenie nuh easy. the reason why him seh barbee want rihanna and chris brown relationship is because dem private, if you ask dem about the relationship dem ago deny it, a dat barbee want but him want a public relationship like wid him and angel. him can’t learn from him mistake. OLE DOG…a nuh me seh suh a him seh suh lol

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