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Hardears yuh won’t hear…


 Rihanna’s dad Ronald Fenty was in the  media again yesterday bemoaning his daughter’s actions. According to stories in the Barbados Nation and further afield in US Magazine, neither he nor her mother or brother have been able to get through to her since she reconciled with Chris Brown.

In the US Magazine interview, he said that he has been calling and texting her to no avail.

I don’t know what to say, honest to god. I’ve been hearing so many stories. I don’t feel any pain anymore. I’ve gone numb. I’ve heard so much. But I can’t get on to her. Her mother can’t get on to her, her brother told me she changed her email. Somebody has a stranglehold on her. I’m lost.

I’ll text the old numbers she had, and I call them. One girl answered, and she said, “This is not Robyn’s number anymore.” I asked, “Do you work for Robyn? Do you deal with Robyn?” And the girl hung up, so I don’t know what’s going on anymore. I’m lost.

Speaking to the Nation, he complained:

“Everything I have heard has been on the Internet. The one time I saw her, all she had time to tell me is ‘Dad I am okay’. Her managers and bodyguards treat us like nobody. They wouldn’t even let me get close to my daughter, so right now I have no idea what is really going on in her life.”

 His distress and anger at the situation is palpable with the Nation reporting:

I am numb. I am in disbelief, in shock, call it what you want, but I don’t even know if it’s true. All I know is that I don’t believe it,” he told the SUNDAY SUN yesterday.

“For any man to stand and watch his daughter reunite with an [alleged] abuser is a father’s worst nightmare,” an obviously upset Fenty added.

Chaa … I really feel for the whole family. Her father is the only one speaking out but if what he is saying is true, imagine how much worse this must be for her mother and brothers who are even closer to her than her father. Surely Monica Fenty must be shedding tears every night. It is one thing to know your daughter is being abused and she has gone back to her abuser. It is entirely another thing when she is millions of miles away from you, you are being cut off from reaching her and everything you can find out is through the internet or television.

Ri-ri, what you doing to your family at all though? Have mercy – if not for yourself, at least for your parents and younger brothers.

Moreover, remember what the old people say ‘ hard ears yuh won’t hear… own way yuh gine feel’. How much more you really want to feel?

Especially when this boy is rumoured to be the one that called the press on you all to alert them to your reconciliation? You don’t see he is willing to drag you down with him? That is love?

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one who follows a principle; an adept.

As an islandista I live, embody, exude the spirit of the Caribbean islands.

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