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photo credit: Splash News
photo credit: Splash News

Update: Ok magazine and several other media outlets are reporting that Rihanna and Chris are now holed up at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel Beverly Hills Hotel. After jetting ‘home’ from Miami on Sunday night (see post below) they decided not to return to their individual homes in L.A. but ‘hide out’ at one of the most famous hotels in celebrity-land.

Eh. Because the paps are not going to find you if you check in at one of the most famous celeb landmarks in LA, which they regularly stake out anyway.

Stupse… this foolishness humbugging me now though. It need to stop in truth.

Tsk. These very grainy pictures are apparently of Chris Brown and Rihanna leaving Miami late last night on their way back to Los Angeles… you know, because Chris has his court date on March 5th and all.
As you would have doubtless heard by now, the two have reportedly made back up and were holed up in Diddy’s villa in Miami Beach for the past few days.

Chris has been photographed at the villa jet-skiing and whooping it up like he didn’t have a care in the world … that’s care, not career… but he ent got that either. Meanwhile, Rihanna was M.I.A in Mia. to the point that folks were wondering if she really was in Miami after all.

But from the looks of these pictures, it seems so. Below you can see individual pics of Rihanna and Chris heading to the plane and a close up of Chris in a car on his way to the takeoff area.


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