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UPDATED: Fay-Ann delivered the carnival baby?

Update: False alarm! Turns out that this was just a rumour – but apparently, even a television station in TnT reported it and from there it went flying. However, we have received reports, both from bandi, in the comments section and also someone who has just returned from Trinidad this evening, that it is false. Fay-Ann is still very much pregnant and she and Bunji actually had a good laugh about it today when they were being interviewed as they made the rounds following her Road March win.

That would have been too perfect timing, wouldn’t it?

Ok, so I’m still checking up on this one, but rumours are flying around that Fay-Ann Lyons actually gave birth yesterday – as in Carnival Tuesday.

Both bandi from Trini blog bandwagonist and commenters on regional site islandmix have been reporting this. Reportedly she gave birth to a baby girl.

I’m still checking around to get a solid confirmation of this because… wow! That would be almost eerie timing. It almost seems too crazy to be true – the daughter of Fay-Ann Lyons and Bunji Garlin and granddaughter of Super Blue being born on Carnival Tuesday, even as her mother was storming to her third Road March win?

It should also be kept in mind that Fay-Ann was eight months along and was not due til next month so she still had a few more weeks to go.

If she has delivered, we wish her and Bunji all the best – girl, you is a real super woman if this is true! 

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