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Chrihanna pre-Grammy bust up?

Update #2: Our sources are reporting that Rihanna has only just left the hospital a short while ago, after spending much of the day there. Chris is also reportedly on his way out… of the police station that is, after posting $50,000 bail.

Update #1:

Reports are that Chris Brown has turned himself into the LAPD, after being prepped for the last few hours by his lawyers. Good thing too – he had until midnight to turn himself in or else, as LAPD’s Officer Harding put it “if Police locate Brown, he’s subject to arrest”. In other words, they were going to be on his tail.

Meanwhile, the stories of what went down are coming out fast and furious. Our sources say that apparently Chris was being ‘overly social’ at Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy party which he and Rihanna attended together and that did not go down well with her. They got into a big argument about it on their way ‘home’ and he choked her. The has it that he punched her in the face. Either way, she’s reportedly recovering in the hospital.

Damn. Our original report is below.


Wuhloss… pepper sauce!

Word is filtering out that Chris Brown (aka Rihanna’s boo) is under investigation for domestic violence felony battery, stemming from an incident in the wee hours of this morning, after he left Clive Davis’ legendary Grammy pre-party, which he attended with Rihanna, as you can see below.


The LAPD confirmed the reports but have said they will not be releasing the name of the victim, with spokesperson Officer April Harding saying:

“Any victim who’s involved in a domestic violence incident is entitled to confidentiality.”

According to

 Around 12:30 a.m. on Sunday, the R&B singer and a woman were in a vehicle in L.A. when they became involved in an argument, according to a police statement. After stopping his car, Brown and the woman got out and the argument escalated. The woman suffered visible injuries and identified Brown as her attacker, according to police.

The LAPD received a 911 call reporting the disturbance. “If police locate Brown, yes, he’s subject to arrest,” Officer Harding added.

When officers arrived they found the victim, but Brown had already left the scene, the statement reads.

 Hmm… and it gets more and more suss. Just a short while ago, a statement was released saying that Rihanna, who was scheduled to perform at the Grammys tonight, will NOT be performing after all.

We have just been informed that Rihanna will not be attending tonight’s 51st Annual GRAMMY Awards. We’re sorry she is unable to join us this evening.”

 In addition, E! the entertainment station just confirmed that Chris won’t be performing either.

Eh-heh. Are we surprised? Not really. In a little place like Bim… heck the Caribbean, word gets around fast and ever since Chrihanna’s trip here last summer, rumours were circulating about the … tempestuous nature of these kids’ relationship and of their major bust-ups including throwing and damaging each other’s stuff.

Looks like it may not have been just rumours after all. Tsk … there are no prizes for being the new Bobby and Whitney, kids.

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