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Carnival Costume Review I – Island People

Ok, ok you might say the point is moot since all but one section (Sonia Mack’s Paradisius) is sold out but I beg to differ. If you know the right strings to pull or the right sites to check, you can still get your costumes this close to Carnival.

To be honest, I am not overwhelmed by IP’s presentation this year. The costumes are beautiful yes, but there is no real wow factor. For example, Carnival Tribe’s 2007 presentation ‘Old Time Someting’ had that wow factor as I have discussed previously. Their 2009 presentation, Birds of a Feather is fantastic too – beautiful but actually depicting something. Full disclosure – Ihave a weakness/bias for costumes with lots of feathers  and big wing-like arm-pieces, which is probably why I love Tribe’s presentation this year.

So now that you know that, it should come as no surprise that my favourite costume from IP’s presentation is the hot-pink Touch costume.
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Featherrrrrrrrrrs! Purrrrty! I LAV it! I’m also pretty partial to their Midnight Bloom section.
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One costume that I am NOT impressed by is Afrodisiac. US$550 for this?! There is not enough all-inclusive food and drink to make me pay that much for such an ordinary-looking costume. There was so much more that could have been done with this theme.


The thing at the top leads to a teeny little burst of feathers. Mehhh. Dey even skimping on de beads. Booo!

On the other hand, we love the costume Dream. Yes, they have a big, feathered head-piece but the feathers are done in a way that is so ethereal and wispy that it really does seem dream-like.


That is it for now – obviously that is just a sample of IP’s costumes and you can check out the rest at their site Look out for more Carnival costume reviews in the coming weeks.

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