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Islandistas on vacay and the red carpet

The glamour of the Golden Globe awards returned to Hollywood last night after being reduced to a press conference last year because of the writers’ strike.

Latina islandistas Eva Mendes (Cuban-American) and Jennifer Lopez (boriqua – of course!) were both stunning on the red carpet . Eva wore a white Dior dress with a dramatic fan on the hip and J-Lo was in a slinky, daring gold Marchesa gown that reminds everyone of that Versace dress from back in her Diddy (or was he P.Diddy then? or Puff Daddy?) days.

Granitz via
Photo credit: Granitz via
Granitz via
Photo credit: Granitz via

Haitian islandista Garcelle Beauvais was present at one of the myriad after-parties in a dress that even though it was a bit prim and boring in cut, had such a gorgeous, lush print that it made up for it.

Weiss via
Photo credit: Weiss via

Far away from Hollywood, X-Factor winner Alexandra Burke is on her first vacation since winning the British singing contest and snagging the coveted Christmas number one (that is such a big deal for Brits – still don’t get why). She and fellow X-Factor contestant Ruth Lorenzo are on vacay in Mauritius.

Splash news
photo credit: Splash news

Looking fab too – still sticking to that X-Factor diet we see.

Speaking of Alexandra, Rihanna reportedly wants her to stay far away from her man, Chris Brown.

Apparently during X-Factor, Alexandra used to make no secret of her huge crush on Chris and it was all cute and giggles then.

Now… not so much.

According to the Daily  Mirror’s 3 AM column, Rihanna banned Alexandra from an after-party after Chris performed at a show at London’s O2 arena.


“Alex was mortified. She had no idea she had been banned from meeting her idol.

“She’s a massive fan of Chris Brown – she said numerous times on The X Factor how much she fancies him and wants to meet him.

“Since she and Chris are both with Sony, she asked label bosses if they could arrange for her to meet him at the after-party.

“They said that was fine, they would sort it out.

Again… not so much. 

Apparently, it’s all part of Ri-ri keeping Chris on a short leash. It’s not by accident or for work that Rihanna has been all over Britain with Chris since the New Year. The London Paper’s thebuzz blog says she has a set of rules for him while he’s on tour.

She has banned female members of his entourage from being alone with him in his room and said no girls can be there past midnight,” a source close to the star tells theBuzz.

We’re also told she doesn’t want to see any pictures of him dancing with girls in clubs, as she knows how far fans go to get his attention.

And to that we say – yuh damn right! Crack that whip! Her actions seem perfectly practical to us – after all, Chris is 19 and his teeny bopper fans are some other kind of crazy about him. The temptation for an ordinary 19 year old boy to cheat is huge, far less one that has coochie shamelessly thrown at him every single day.

So do what yuh got to do, girl.

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island ~ ista
From Latin -ista via Portuguese -ista
one who follows a principle; an adept.

As an islandista I live, embody, exude the spirit of the Caribbean islands.

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