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Shontelligence album debut

Islandista Shontelle’s album Shontelligence debuted yesterday and she celebrated with a Mad Tee party at Room Service in New York City, which was hosted by Vibe. Check out some of the pics from the party below…


(photo credit:

Doing big things girl… keep on keeping on!

But… while it may seem a bit unseemly to bring this up right when she’s getting her shine on… it has to be said that real islandistas are worried and a bit puzzled by some of Shontelle’s actions recently.

Like… that interview with kiwibox which we swear must have been forwarded to us no less than a dozen times by various people.

Really Shontelle? Third world? You know you know better… or rather, you don’t because you are very much a ‘terrace and heights’ kind of girl. Bajans have been losing their minds about this. People veeeexxxxxx bad!

And the faux-Yankee accent is… painful.

We here at Islandista are willing to give you a bligh so we just beg yuh… do… don’t let the Yankees make you hide who you are. Do you, hon.

By Me

island ~ ista
From Latin -ista via Portuguese -ista
one who follows a principle; an adept.

As an islandista I live, embody, exude the spirit of the Caribbean islands.

2 replies on “Shontelligence album debut”

Sigh. Barbadians get mad at everything and I am sure Islandista knows that as well as any other Barbadian. That interview is so old and insulting to Shontelle herself, yet no one seems willing to discuss that fact. Harping on the fact that she said “Third world” which for anyone who has ever studied History, Geography, Social Studies, Political Science etc would know is the term used to define our region. It’s not necessarily indicative of a standard of living, however where I live within itself you can see. Walk around my house and look through any of my windows and you’ll see massive houses, lovely cars, manicured lawns and stuff like that. Go to the end of my street and you can see less than pristine housing conditions and you can find that all over Barbados. So, let’s not just jump on the “hateration” bandwagon and focus on the good she’s been doing promoting Barbados. Furthermore, why not press our leaders for better social development initiatives?
Superlative 1 has spoken.

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