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D’Angel and Beenie play happy families

Boy, you just can’t keep up with this drama couple. Two years back it was all love and tears and a rush to the altar, last year it was pure war and accusations and furniture pelting out and now last weekend they moving like the dancehall Cosbys or something – all happy families and ting.

Dancehall’s leading soap opera couple Beenie Man and D’Angel looked happy as papi last weekend as they jointly hosted a celeb-studded party for their son Marco Dean’s 2nd birthday at the Jamaica Pegasus. One876entertainment reported on it and said:

The Gardens at the Pegasus was the venue for Marco Dean’s Super Sweet second birthday party and several of the artiste’s closest friends showed up to celebrate with them. The party kicked off at about 3:30 p.m. when D’Angel arrived with Marco Dean. Beenie greeted his wife and youngest son, and together, three of them walked into the party. Beenie looked quite dapper in a blue suit with a white vest while D’Angel was quite beautiful and looked motherly and almost humble in a charming, flowing dress.

Awww … ain’t that cute? Beenie bought lil MD a toy Escalade and older cousin Bobbie chauffeured him into the party area in grand style (cos you know, 2 year olds’ hand-eye co-ordination still isn’t that great – don’t want MD driving into a wall). Check the photo gallery here.

So does this mean the on-again, off-again, on-again, off-A-DAMN-GAIN couple are on again? Is it one of those cases of can’t live with them, can’t live without them? Or are they just getting to the ‘let’s be civil for the sake of the children’ stage?

We’ll see.

In other islandista couple news, Rihanna and Chris Brown have been seen out and about Down Under and she looks well recovered from her stage almost-collapse last week in Sydney. They were looking cute as buttons and extra-cuddly partying in Sydney the other night and arriving in Perth in matching outfits yesterday.


(photo credit:


(photo credit: Jelenek/

Real talk now … who ever thought these kids would last this long? It’s been nearly a year, if not more, because I remember Rihanna winning her Grammy in early February and bringing Chris home for the big celebration in Bridgetown and by that time, they were already tight. Good for them.

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