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Bits & Pieces: Riri stage sickness, Estelle’s EMA dress

We’re only just (barely!) coming down off of our Obama high and turning our attention to other pressing issues… like some good, old fashioned suss!

We were so consumed that we actually missed a few things in the last few days – like Rihanna’s nearly collapsing at a show in Sydney, Australia and MTV’s European Music Awards where islandista by descent Estelle wore a ‘love it or hate it’ but definitely bold dress for her performance with Kanye West.

Rihanna fell ill at a show in Sydney while performing Umbrella with her boyfriend Chris Brown as the finale of the show.

Apparently, the heat at the venue, a too-tight corset that left her breathless and whizzing around in the air in a harness before she landed to perform, left her in a state. She can be seen leaning over and holding her stomach before scurrying off stage. Chris finished performing the song without her (like a professional) and then ran off to check up on her.

The youtube video is below.

Thankfully, all’s well that ends well. Spokesperson Amanda Silverman told media:

“It was very hot at the venue, so after Rihanna’s set was over, she went off stage and needed to sit down, catch her breath and have some water. She is perfectly healthy and will be at her show tomorrow.”

Next thing… the MTV’s European Music Awards. Grenadian-descended islandista Estelle wore a dress that you may well either love or hate.

Estelle performing at MTV's European Music Awards with Kanye West
Estelle performing at MTV


(photo credit:

At first glance I HATED it, thought it looked ridiculous but on second glance, it is kind of futuristic chic. Still… triangular hips?! Look how Kanye had to struggle to get his arms around this … structure.


So what do you think islandistas? Hot or flop? Here’s one more shot of it to help you make up your minds.


And speaking of dresses that have people torn, not everyone has had my enthusiastic response to Michelle Obama’s victory night dress. Again, it seems to be a love it or hate it. A lot of islandistas I’ve talked to haa-aa-aa-ted it, a feeling that has been repeated ad nauseum in the blogosphere. Folks have been hollering about it all week.

 I wasn’t wild about it but I rather liked it, particularly the ombre design, which is already making its mark as the print (?) for next season. I also kind of liked the wrap around section on the waist, though I thought it could have been cut a little closer to emphasise Michelle’s great shape, cos de woman got real form, no lie.

Perhaps I like it because I’ve seen the original on which it is based and it’s hot. I see what Michelle was trying to do…

Fashion Obamas Outfits

(photo credit: Associated Press via the New York Times)

See? Doesn’t that make you kind of go ‘ohhhh… I see where she was going?’ Thing is, she had some adjustments made to the dress that kind of detracted from the hotness in an effort to be more demure. She took up the neckline for one and got the sheer hemline made opaque and then added the cardigan, which then threw off the criss-cross under the ribs. I think she could have risked at leaving the neckline as a v-neck – Michelle isn’t terribly busty anyway so it would not have looked indecent. And instead of a cardigan, maybe she could have had it made with sheer sleeves instead that would have been part of the dress, instead of fighting against the dress.

Still, the fact that we are talking about this at all is an encouraging sign for fashion in the White House. I know no-one can remember a damn thing Laura Bush has worn, whereas Michelle has already inspired  women to run out to to buy the black and white Donna Ricco dress she wore on The View.

And at the end of the day, shoot, Pres. elect Obama looked pretty damn enamoured of her in the dress.

obama-love1… And ladies, we know that is the second-most important opinion that counts doesn’t it? The first being our own.

By Me

island ~ ista
From Latin -ista via Portuguese -ista
one who follows a principle; an adept.

As an islandista I live, embody, exude the spirit of the Caribbean islands.

3 replies on “Bits & Pieces: Riri stage sickness, Estelle’s EMA dress”

Ah, I really liked this post. I loved Michelle in that dress. I can see why she had it altered, and can respect it, although I love how it was originally. Regardless, I think she has great style. I love her.

I LOVE this dress in fact I’m getting this exact dress made for my 12th grade prom at which i will be attending May 30, 2009

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