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Jah Cure’s alleged baby mother speaks…brace yourself!

So rumours have been going around Jamdown for weeks now that a popular 20 year old party girl named Gordene is pregnant for Jah Cure. In an  interview published on one876 today she has come out and basically confirmed those rumours, saying that she is 4 months pregnant … after meeting Cure 5 months ago.

The interview… well it’s like a car crash. It’s horrific and you are pained for the person involved but you can’t look away.

Some excerpts:

“I am not trying to disclose anything. They are trying to say I am effing proud to be pregnant and I am going around broadcasting it to everybody who will listen and that is not true. The only reason that I am even giving this interview is to make sure that his career is not harmed by any rumours. I would never hurt him.”

Gordene has been spotted on the party circuit in recent weeks, fuelling speculation about her ‘little bump’.

“I don’t drink or smoke, I still deserve to party,” the St. Andrew High school grad said. 

Gordene earns money as a ‘party promotions girl’ working for Main Event, a party planning company. She is a student and is reading for an associate degree after which she will attempt to matriculate to a major university where she can get a bachelor’s degree in marketing. She has also dabbled in music, recording a couple of songs which were never released. She supports herself by working as a part-time ‘party promotions girl’ so that she can foot the bill for her uptown apartment.

Does Jah Cure take good care of you?

To be fair, he tries to be nice, but the pressures of everyone around him is hard because of my reputation as a party girl. And I have been with other artistes in the past before Cure. He is not 100 per cent sure he is the father, but there is a high possibility that he is the father; I have not been with anybody else since meeting him.”

How many months have you been seeing him?

“About five months, I will be pregnant for four months next week.”

Four months?

Yea, it was a fast one, I fell in love, we kicked off really well. I was very into him, but now I am more concerned with me and the baby. I still do love him. He is trying his very best to be supportive, but as an artiste, there is a harsher side because of the pressures of the people around him.”

Jah Cure, for his part, has been very supportive, yet cautious. According to word from his camp, “although he is not sure that he is in fact the father, he remains very supportive of the young lady and is doing whatever he can to make her pregnancy and herself comfortable.”
    “However, once I am proven to be the father, my 100% support will be given financially and otherwise,” said a statement from the artiste.


Mi SEH! 

Ladies, take note. This is a lesson in how NOT to be an islandista. As fool as she sounds, the article mentioned that she was an Andrews girl. I have many Andrews islandistas as my good friends – it is a top notch school and they are usually smart and classy chicks.

There is so much foolery that I cannot comprehend in this interview that I have to itemise it.

First – why, considering that she said she is “not trying to disclose anything” would she then go and disclose everything?

Second – why would you admit that you are not sure who is the baby father, after prefacing that with saying you have been with other artistes before Cure?

Third – Why would you go bareback with a man you have only known for a month? A man who was in JAIL for 8 years? And you know what they say about jail … eight years is a long time to be celibate, that’s all we’re saying.

Fourth – Why when he is privately and publicly distancing himself from you, would you still go on bout you love him?

I could go on and on now that the full has been told but I’ll stop here. This just boggles the mind…mercy!

By Me

island ~ ista
From Latin -ista via Portuguese -ista
one who follows a principle; an adept.

As an islandista I live, embody, exude the spirit of the Caribbean islands.

11 replies on “Jah Cure’s alleged baby mother speaks…brace yourself!”

How can a bright face gal like u meet artiste and so quick give it up. And u can’t tell me that u didn’t want to get pregnant, unuh too much, actually them have a name for gurls like u Groupie. U never hear bout protection it just goes to show that having beauty doesn’t mean u have class. I guess u missed that class at school on how to be a lady. lmao. You meet man now 5 months and 4 months pregnant. Get a life


listen samantha u shuld low ur sour self bout ma cousin miss da class in bein a lady dnt worry woy shes’s doin jus knw dat ur too fass nd u shud go suck sumting dry nd jah cure dnt luv u so shut da hell up. nd nikki i tld u bout ur self aswell so i shuldn’t see u still commenting u jealous.

Nuh wonder da effing HIV rate so effing high in Jamaica. Unno idiot dat boisting her bout dont judge. If she did get HIV she wouldnt b so quick fi chat bout it might b Jah Cure pickney. Unno just nasty from Gordene to Jah Cure and all da odda man dem weh pass tru her in da space of a mth mek u cah sure if a Jha Cure own. HIV tek 6 mths 2 show up and wid ppl a lose as unno all the others that are following in ur footstep best of luck. Cuz I dont know which man or woman a go have sex wid someone so quick much less without a condom or even B.C. and who eva else want to defend go rite a head cuz if a did aids she caught she wouldnt open her mouth and unno problaby wouldnt even kno her.

I am just so ashamed that a fellow Andrews girl wud come out and say something like this. I know we all make our mistakes and sometimes we get caught in a bad situation bcuz of it, but to come out and act proud about it and play the fool by acknowledging that the man might not be the father and that u’ve been with many other artistes, that is just ridiculous. Gordene, i remember you from high school, and i’m so disappointed in you for doing this to our reputation, but i hope you will at least try to make a change.

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